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Journeyman III

Amd Sapphire r9 390 Nitro; Issues with HDMi port when TV is turned off

Hello everyone, I will try to explain the Issue here: First of all the Setup:

1x Benq 60Hz monitor, connected from Hdmi to the Display port at the gpu
1x Samsung 60Hz monitor, connected from HDMI to the Display-port at the gpu
1x Samsung 4k TV, running at lower Rez for 60Hz, connected from HDMI to HDMI at the gpu

I use the 2 monitors, with the Samsung monitor as my main one and the benq as the second one. The TV is also connected for gaming with my Gamepad. Now for my problem:

If I connect everything and turn on the TV, everything is running fine. Now if I turn off my TV (to watch something else), both my other 2 main screens will start to flicker really hard. It laggs and its just really awfull. Its just like if you would blink. 
If I then remove the HDMI cable from the Samsung TV; Both my Monitors return to normal and it stops flickering. 

Is there anyone that experienced such behavior? For Questions about Drivers and anything else; Please feel free to ask me!

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Turn on HDMI Link Assurance and see if that reports any problems.

Try an HDMI switcher box to disconnect / isolate the TV. 
At least that way you will not have to remove the cable.