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Adept I

Amd rx 6700xt stutter while using, moving and resizing application

i've bought a new rx 6700xt but since i mounted this card i had stutter problems with certain softwares (only with hardware accelaration on), like chrome, photoshop, davinci resolve, adobe premiere... i've tried everything.

I already updated my bios and my chipset driver, i reinstalled the amd driver after a ddu cleanup and even with a fresh windows install the problem still here.

The in-game performance isn't bad and i have no problem with gaming. i'm currently running amd adrenalin driver at version 22.11.2 and windows 11 home with the latest 22h2 update.

PSU: 1000w

CPU: ryzen 7 5700x

MB: gigabyte b450 pro

RAM: 32gb Xmp 3200mhz

GPU: rx 6700xt

I really need support with this problem since im running out of patience and im really close to throw out the window this gpu

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Things that might help .. might not...but good to do regardless

Check CPU/GPU temps

Make sure you are running the latest BIOS for your motherboard

Make sure you are running separate power cables from your power supply to each power input on your GPU

Make sure  your  RAM is running at least at it's rated speed (Task Manager>Performance>Memory)

Disabling MPO can sometimes help

You can check if there is a vBIOS update for your GPU as well

Check current PCIe speed your 6700xt is actually running at ..IF it's not GEN3, then maybe switching from AUTO to GEN3 in your BIOS might help  IF your BIOS has the setting



ThreeDee PC specs

I disabled the MPO and it seems it solved the chrome problem but it still remains for the others applications.

The GPU is already connected with two different cable to the PSU, i don't know how to update the Gpu bios 


Gigabyte made it super simple to update my RX 6800 .. just an app that I installed that told me there was an update and then I just told it to install it

You'd just have to see what utilities your manufacturer has for your GPU

Jayz 2 cents had an episode about vBIOS updates that a bit eye opening  .. indirectly pointing out the importance of updating it. He dealt with an issue that is far from what you are experiencing though

What make/model 6700xt are you running?

Though in truth, I don't think updating your vBIOS will help, but you never know.

Are you overclocking anything?

4x8GB or 2x16GB?

ThreeDee PC specs

My card is a 6700xt powercolor fighter 12gb but ther is no different vbios versions from mine,

i'm keeping the vbios update as least option.


Running any third party programs that could have an affect? .. like anti-virus other than the built in Windows Defender.. or monitoring software .. RGB controller software .. etc .. ?

..and you verified that your GPU is running at GEN3?

ThreeDee PC specs

I'm only using Windows Defender, Logitech ghub, midi mixer.


That's my only Third party app running.


My GPU Is already set on gen3 x16


today i'll try to switch PCI slot