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Journeyman III

AMD RX 6700 XT overheating problem

Hi, I have had this card for over a month now on a new PC system, havent had any real problems except for lower than expected FPS, but been fixed with new updates.  


I have a new problem now, since 3 days ago the card seems to be overheating and getting above 90 deg C, usually only runs at 75C tops.  when at 90C+ the card cuts out and get a black screen with a monitor message saying no signal.

I have to turn the pc off at the wall and turn it back on the pc loads as normal and the screen is back on, but the adrenaline software UI wont load up with an error message saying no drivers located.  Checking the device manager on the dispaly is an error code of 31.  I remove the device and reinstall the drivers and the card works again.  But any game I run it just over heats after about 5 mins.  Nothing on my pc has changed and is not overclocked.  Can any one help?

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Adept III

is your tower well cooled ? (intake fans & exhaust fan running in the right way ?) lower frequency = lower fps but also = lower temp, the increased temp you see is "normal", but check the air flow of your tower.


yea its water cooled with 6 cooling fans plus ones on the card and also the psu fans.  PC is running as it should, been running fine over the last month till 3 days ago,  its a brand new system with new parts.

Adept III

Run a 30 secs stress test on Adrenaline, on the performance tab. Post a screenshot of the metrics right before the test ends to see any kind of anomaly.

Have you tried other games? Is it the same behavior?

Keep us posted.

Adept I


Did you check the normal temperature or the junction one ?( most of the games shows the junction temp)

Remove the last driver 21.4.1 is not working properly ( try to DDU and install the 21.3.1) i got many issues with the last driver as well.

Also check if virtual resolution is enabled ( there are only few games that support the option and this may cause you the no signal black screen)

I got a 6700 hellhound never goes above 66*c in heavy games , normal games between 55-58*C.


Thanks for reply, new driver came out last night 21.5 I think, but I'll roll back the driver see if it helps.  The black screen only comes up when temp reaches 92-93 deg C.  I checked all temperatures Inc cpu, before this problem it was operating around 65 to 75 deg max on heavy gaming.  It started 4 days ago now.  Even just doing a ui stress test the temp jumps straight to 90 deg c instead of the usual 75 to 80.    Both temps are not identical the outer board temp hangs around 65c and seems to be normal since I've had it, and still 65.  The center temp is the issue.  I have checked all the fans and they are operating as they should.  This is what I'm thinking its a software issue,  I know 21.3 is stable, I did try the beta one but that gave me very poor fps.  Also reading other forum posts windows 10 update I think was 500330 was causing very bad performance issues.  I did remove it.  But Microsoft has done more updates so not sure if the new updates are causing issues as well.  Plus not sure which ones to remove to retest.