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Adept I

AMD Radeon RX 6800 stutters

Hi, I will keep it short...


Computer Type: Desktop

GPU: XFX Speedster SWFT 319 AMD Radeon™ RX 6800 CORE

CPU: Ryzen 9 5900X

Motherboard: GIGABYTE B550M K

BIOS Version: F5

RAM: Kingston FURY 32 GB KIT DDR4 3733 MHz CL19 Beast Black 1Gx8

PSU: EVGA 750 GQ, 80+ GOLD 750W, Semi Modular
SSD: Patriot Viper VP4300 Lite 2 TB

OS: Win 11

GPU Drivers: Adrenaline 24.5.1

Chipset Drivers: AMD Chipset Drivers


Ever since I built this PC, I have been experiencing stutters.. I tried numerous drivers and troubleshoots, some didn't work, some seemed like they worked, but eventually the stutters started again.
Here are the first and the second video examples of how it looks and also logs from different games. You can see the big drops in GPU (utilization, clock speed and power) and CPU (utilization, frequency and power). Also, “Time Spy Score”.
Do any of you have an idea what might be wrong? According to UserBenchmark some components are not compatible with each other. I have no idea why the motherboard is showing as incompatible... At this point I'm happy to throw it out of the window replace it.

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Few things you can try:

  1. Verify your GPU is connected with separate PSU cables (not daisy chained).
  2. Disable MPO -
  3. Disable GameBarPresenceWriter -
  4. Disable Resizable BAR in BIOS
  5. Disable ULPS
  6. If none of the above work, try DDU / AMD Cleanup Utility to remove current drivers and try an older version like 23.12.1 or 23.11.x -- lots of reports here of issues with 24.x.x.

I had to disable Resizable BAR in BIOS and install 23.12.1 for good stability on my RX 6800 / 12600k system. On 24.x.x with Resizable BAR enabled, I was getting intermittent BIOS stutters, benchmark hard stutters (very similar to your videos), random Windows lag, etc.

1. It is.
2. Already tried.
3. Already tried.
4. Already tried.
5. Already tried.
6. Already tried some older drivers, maybe not the right one...

Thanks for your time/tips. 

Yeah this is effecting cpu and gpu.  But ddr and ssd can halt both at the same time.  How I look at it,  if the cpu goes down, the gpu will follow.  No instructions sent to gpu from cpu.  Voltages look fine.  I’ve had a pro board Asus really low end 90 dollar board with a 5900x oc to 5150 and zero issues.  

5+3 is a true phase system

OnSemi 1H : 4C10N 46A chips


12+2 dual phase 50A 

That trade off is thermal balancing. Dual can turn on and off between the 6 chips two chips would make one true phase but only one on at a time switching back and forth.  Just an example.  Most boards on the 550 chipset are 50A a hand full of boards are 90A 300dollar super high end.  The rest are all 50a even low end. Playing a game vs cinebench.  You normally would never run your cpu like cinebench.


This is not to say there’s a fault in the gpu bringing down the entire system, or ddr ect ect.  Start with the basics.  DDR under clocked or swap sticks.


Also try reinstalling the chipset drivers. B550  and what ever is connected to mb unplug it. Disable WiFi and Bluetooth. Etc. Just to be sure it’s not something else failing on the chipset side.


you said locking your frame rate to 50fps it stops, but I think your just matching your cpu and gpu clocks to what they can handle at such a low clock.  


Number 4 fixed all my stuttering on my 7600 I have 0 issues now with my gpu


MSI X470 GAMING M7 AC, CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, 64 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3600, Gigabyte RX 7600 OC, 980 PRO with Heatsink 2TB

Great, enjoy.


Hi there, allow me to be a bit blunt.


That board is not a good pair for that CPU. However, It shouldn't be the culprit for your stutters.

Try another graphics card if you have the chance to eliminate GPU issues.

On top of what @432hz  said, try disabling DOCP/XMP or even lower the speed of your ram.

Another question:
Do you have 4x sticks or 2x? If you have 4, try using just 2 in the correct slots and check it.

Good Luck

The Englishman

"That board is not a good pair for that CPU."
Do you mind to tell me why? Or maybe to tell me which motherboard would be better in your opinion?

I don't have another graphics card to try. But I am curious if it really is GPU issue and not the CPU.
I might try lower RAM speed... and I have 2x in the correct slots.

Thanks for your time/tips. 


That looks like a 6+2 VRM design, very weak for a 5900X. Like I said, it shouldn't cause any problems as it affects the boosting capabilities of the CPU. However, I would't pair a high end CPU with a low end board.


Do your 6800 have dual BIOS, you might as well try the other BIOS.

Reset CMOS, Power Cycle the computer, try basic AMD driver without Adrenalin. Underclock the GPU a bit, not sure if you checked temps.


Make sure you run with no USB devices other than keyboard and mouse and even then you can remove for the sake of troubleshooting. (Had a computer fixed in the past with stutters caused by an external USB drive).


Check system drive for problems, bad sectors or OS corrupted files. Use SFC and/or DISM.


Tip: All is fair during troubleshooting, every stupid thing counts.


Good luck 

The Englishman

You said it shouldn't cause any problems, but maybe it does? I am not sure if you have seen the log file with data collected from playing some games. The stutters go away if I lock fps to a lower value than the lowest value they drop. Like eg. iRacing 150+ fps "without a problem", but it does drop to 55-60 fps, but when I lock it to 50 fps I won't experience stutters anymore. 
I don't know if this info adds anything, but I wanted the stutters are not constant. 

Do your 6800 have dual BIOS, you might as well try the other BIOS.

Reset CMOS, Power Cycle the computer, try basic AMD driver without Adrenalin. Underclock the GPU a bit, not sure if you checked temps.

I already tried everything you mentioned here, even the other BIOS.
Keyboard and mouse are wireless and no other USB device was connected.
System drive is OK.

Nothing is stupid indeed, next I'm going to get some holy water and then check with a voodoo shaman.

Like I mentioned, it shouldn't. I can't really recommend a new board if we don't exhaust troubleshooting other parts first.

Sorry to ask. Have you tried my suggestion of lowering memory speed or disable XMP?

Whats you monitor refresh rate? 

The Englishman
Adept I

1. Update BIOS and Firmware
Motherboard BIOS: Ensure that your motherboard BIOS is updated to the latest version available from Gigabyte's website. Newer BIOS versions often contain fixes for compatibility issues.
SSD Firmware: Check if there are any firmware updates available for your Patriot Viper SSD.
2. Check and Configure BIOS Settings
Memory Settings:
Enter the BIOS and ensure that XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) is enabled for your Kingston FURY RAM to run at its advertised speed of 3733 MHz.
Manually set the RAM speed, timings, and voltage if the XMP profile is not working correctly. You might need to adjust the memory frequency slightly if you experience instability.
SSD Settings:
Ensure that the SSD is set to use AHCI mode in the BIOS, which is optimal for SSD performance.
Check if there are any specific settings for NVMe SSDs that need to be enabled.
3. Check RAM and SSD Placement
RAM Slots: Make sure the RAM modules are installed in the correct slots as per the motherboard manual. Typically, this means placing the RAM in slots A2 and B2 for dual-channel operation.
SSD Slot: Verify that the SSD is installed in the correct M.2 slot. The B550 chipset motherboards usually have specific slots that are optimized for NVMe drives.
4. Run Diagnostics and Tests
Memory Test: Use MemTest86 to run a comprehensive test on your RAM. This can help identify any stability issues or faults in the memory modules.
SSD Health Check: Use software like CrystalDiskInfo to check the health status of your SSD. Run benchmarks with CrystalDiskMark to ensure the SSD is performing up to its specifications.
5. Driver Updates
Chipset Drivers: Install the latest AMD chipset drivers from AMD’s official website. These drivers can resolve compatibility issues and improve performance.
Storage Drivers: Ensure you have the latest storage drivers installed. Sometimes, manufacturer-specific drivers can improve compatibility and performance over the default Windows drivers.
6. System Stability and Performance Testing
Stress Testing: Use tools like Prime95 for CPU and RAM stress testing, and FurMark for GPU stress testing to ensure overall system stability.
Benchmarking: Continue using UserBenchmark and other benchmarking tools to monitor performance and check for any anomalies.
7. Check for Software Conflicts
Background Applications: Disable unnecessary startup applications and services that could be causing conflicts or consuming resources.
Antivirus/Antimalware: Ensure your antivirus or antimalware software is not interfering with the SSD or RAM performance. Temporarily disable it to see if there is any improvement.
8. Contact Support
If the above steps do not resolve the conflict, consider contacting Gigabyte support for detailed troubleshooting and potential RMA if there is a hardware fault.

Johnny and Waffle gave some really good steps to try to solve your stutter problem. I would only add a couple things to their very comprehensive replies. Firstly not all 5900X cpus can run memory at 3733MT. I would manually change your memory and Fclock settings after applying the XMP profile  to CAS18, Fclock  to1800 and memory speed to 3600. Then retest for stutter. Also there is a very focused system utility for analyzing system rendering issues called Intel Present Mon. This video describes it and demonstrates it's usefulness when trying to analyze why stutter and other graphical issues can be present while a PC is rendering video. The UI is still under development as is the utility but it really is a quite useful tool for the issue you're fighting if you spend some time to to become familiar with it. Good hunting.

Adept I

Find the low clock on the gpu first. If you still have issues move forward to these..  99 percent of the time its the ddr memory ram speed to high.  You have to slow it down in the bios.  You have to remember ddr4 stopped at what 3600m/t anything higher is considered OverClocked..


Dont worry about the motherboard its fine.  The VRM can handle the 5900x it just fires voltage from less components. The PC Gaming manufactors push High VRM counts but its really not needed.  Its marketing.  The 6 would fire "turn on and off" more freq then say a 12.  They still have enough to power your 5900x.


If your worried about your VRM, so can purchase stick-on little heatsinks to increase the life span.  They also sell nice looking nvme ssd heatpipe coolers that would fit that style VRM.  Ive used these coolers on VRMs in the past.  Ill find a photo and post.  Remove the bracket and thermaltape right on your VRMs



Adept I

I just looked at your metrics in the two videos. Your GPU is running at 1100mhz?   Is that correct?   If that’s correct there’s a switch on the side of the gpu. One way is silent and one is full power “old school rage mode name”.  And since that is a xfx I know they do slow down the clock to about half. Also your CPU CLOCK IS WRONG?  2.4ghz ? Your voltage drops to .9 on the cpu.  Na,  something is up. You need to check your psu rails.  12volt steady? Etc  ok now you gotta get into your bios and just reset to defaults.  Something is totally wrong . That’s not just your gpu. That’s your entire system..


for that 6800 your clock should be about 2100-2200mhz


I also own that card. 



 switch goes towards the power connectors



3d mark not showing hardware is a bug.  It happens a lot if you have one program grabbing the info from hardware at windows start.  Or opening the gpu amd software which shows your metrics too.  It’s a known bug and happens.  Shut down and restart  the system from a cold boot clears that up.  

your 3d mark score in time spy should be 19000- 20000. 

Your GPU is running at 1100mhz?   Is that correct?
Depends... I believe I had default settings in Adrenaline for these videos, but I also tried clock it higher and the results are the same (video here)

One way is silent and one is full power “old school rage mode name”
I tried both mods

get into your bios and just reset to defaults
I did it and here I am, still. 

Something is totally wrong . That’s not just your gpu. That’s your entire system..
First I thought its the GPU, but that would be fixed by now with one of the many solutions I found.

I will turn the GPU swich to the right side if it isn't already and also check PSU. And also try troubleshoots from other guys.

(EDIT: I checked and it was on the right side and also everything is correctly plugged.)

Thanks for info/help/time. 


Hwmonitor download. Run that and watch your 12v 5v rails on your psu.  

will it drop out if you idle in a game?  Because second thing I would do is pop open your task manager and see what’s running and using cpu minus your game.  Check memory, ssd usages too. See if it can lead you in a direction.


You can see the values here after 90 minutes of playing/being idle






And there is nothing really that is using CPU apart from Football Manager 24 (1,3%), also Memory (3249,5 MB) and Disk.

task manager.png





I don't have time to do more troubleshooting and won't have for another week propably.
Thanks to everybody, I will come back. 

Voltage looks good as long as they stay locked while under load.  The football manager is saying 40 percent GPU?  What is this app?

Adept I

Also what is your display running at ?  You should be at 1440p.  Userbench is wrong. Why would they be incomp.  lol. That’s funny.


1440p as you said. No idea about userbench.

Adept I

It's 100% a vrm problem.  the b550m k has a  4+2 design..  you can find a cheap and decent x570  or a b550 if you dont need 2 ssd.  it's a mini b550  that got the chipset fan delete so its passive now.  and my friend flip your aio radiator so the tubes are up top and not under the aio pump. 

Although I mentioned it, and its true for the CPU. It shouldn't be causing the issue at hand, which is stuttering.

It shouldn't. Thats the key word. I'm not going to suggest a new AM4 purchase for troubleshooting, I think the user needs to explore other options before that.

I'm much more leaned towards the ram as I mentioned before:

On top of what @432hz  said, try disabling DOCP/XMP or even lower the speed of your ram.

But yeah, you are right on one thing. I wouldn't consider a low end board on a Ryzen 9 chip, even if we skip possible technical issues, there is the planning thing. You plan your build and and then save a buck by getting a cheap entry level board and then getting a top of the line CPU. It just don't add up.

just my 2 cents

The Englishman