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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon RX 580 4gb constantly running at 90 degrees elsius

Hey all. So Iv'e been having this problem for a little while now and can't seem to find a fix. My 4gb RX 580 constantly runs at 90 degrees when playing any game. This happens right when I start playing as well. Its not like the temperature gets there over time. I am on the latest driver and have tried setting the fan to 100 (which only lowers the temp by one or two and is very loud). Any ideas as to why the card is running at such high temperatures? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Sounds like you either really have a card issue like a badly installed heat sink or maybe a fan is bad. I would first inspect the card and make sure it looks very clean. Look inside with a flash light. Some compressed air will clean it up good. Just hold the fans still when using the air. 

Then start it up and watch the fans, make sure it or they look like they are spinning as they should. With 2 or more fans they should all spin the same.

In Wattman you can change the fan settings to kick on sooner and run full speed under high temps in Wattman. If you are using some other utility to change your fan speeds, they don't play nice with recent drivers.

If the card is not the issue it sounds like it may be an airflow issue in your case. The easy way to test this is to just open the side of the case and leave the cover off. See what that does to temps under load.

Myself I tend to run a computer till I can't get anymore out of it before upgrading. So keeping things cool helps that a lot. I have an open case all the time with a small desktop fan blowing into it when I am gaming. It really lowers the temps of everything a lot.


Thanks for the reply. I just replaced the thermal paste last night and am now seeing temperature top off at about 76ish. Would that be considered a safe temperature? I know it’s definitely way better than 90.


Yah that is definitely in the safe zone. Mine doesn't go over low 60's but I crank the fans, and the rx 580 8gb cards have beefier heatsink on my XFX.

Glad you got it taken care of. Sure sounded something like that!