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Journeyman III

AMD R7 Graphics always turning on than R9M385X

Hi, I have a Lenovo Y700 15ACZ with an AMD R7 graphics card in CPU and an R9 M385X in GPU.

My problem is that, during my gaming sessions, these consider the R7 as a basic graphics card, which greatly reduces my performance in the game, between 1GB of ram for the R7 and 4 GB of ram for the R9, the difference is blatant!

However, I do not find a solution to this problem! I have set windows and AMD Radeon Settings including the Switchable Graphics area but nothing works! I have the verison

Adrenalin 18.5.1 on my AMD component.

What to do ?

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Adept I

Up !


According to the specs for your Lenovo Laptop, you have an FX 8800P APU installed with R7 iGPU. This is the correct APU Driver for your FX 8800P Laptop: 6th Gen FX-8800P APU Drivers & Support | AMD .

I would first use Lenovo's VGA Driver to see if everything works correctly and is identified correctly. If so, then try to install the AMD APU driver and see if it works better.

  • Display and Video Graphics (1)

  • AMD VGA Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) - ideapad Y700-15ACZ
  • AMD VGA_21.19.512.0
  • 18 Sep 2017

Here is Lenovo's Support on how to make your Laptop Switchable: How to configure switchable graphics on idea/Lenovo laptops - US

Here how to make your Lenovo Laptop switchable in BIOS from Lenovo Support: To enable switchable graphics from BIOS - idea/Lenovo laptops - US


Hello ! thanks for you reply.

I'll try your solution now and will give an answer in the next hour.


I've try all of options, but nothing work !

Have tried to configure you games in Radeon Settings?

Maybe kingfish​ or someone else experienced in Game profiles on Radeon Settings might be able to help you.




I have the same laptop. The discrete GPU (M385X) is headless  (it has no display connections) and so is therefore invisible to games. However, if under Radeon Settings > Switchable Graphics > the application/game is set to High Performance mode, then it is using the M385X to render the graphics.


AMD Radeon R9 M385X & AMD-FX 8800P APU W/ R7 Graphics drivers fail to install in Windows Update

and i also read all of posted problems about r9 m385x and i didint find any result for that

i did all these thing.

i have lenovo y700 15.6 graphics r7 amd fx special edition and r9 m385x which gone from my device maneger i did every thing so dont tell me to reinstall the r9 graphic or clear install it or other things i read all same problem as mine and no one find and any result too.

please help as

i bought this pc

and its price is 1000$ dollors

and there is other people same problem as me links:

AMD Radeon R9 M385X & AMD-FX 8800P APU W/ R7 Graphics drivers fail to install in Windows Update....