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Journeyman III

AMD MSI RX 580 4 GB -- fans are not spinning at all

AMD MSI RX 580 4 GB -- fans are not spinning at all.  In game (GTA 5, Nier: Automata) works for about 10 minutes and then system hard crashes and must be restarted.  Temps sit at 74-77 Celsius when idle and 92+ when in game.  Fans are not spinning on card at all.  MSI Afterburner installed and changes to settings are not affecting fans at all.

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What model are you talking about, ARMOR, Gaming X?

Did you ever teardown the graphic card? Try to look on back of the card for a connector( not the power connectors), take it off and attach the connector again, turn on the pc and see if the fans start to spin, if not you better send the graphic card to warranty.


MSI Gaming Radeon RX 580 256-bit 4GB GDRR5 DirectX 12 VR Ready CFX Graphcis

Card (RX 580 ARMOR 4G OC)

^^^ this is the gpu I have

I unclipped the connector at the back of the card, reconnected and then

switched the PNC back on, and nothing has changed.

I have not tore down the card simply because I’m not super technically

savvy and I don’t trust myself.

MSI afterburner is showing adjustments to fan speed based on temp, but

nothing is happening to the fans themselves.


I have RX 480. fans not spinning  while not in game- its ok. (it has smart fan controll)

I had issue  - black screen,game crash and system shut down  after 10-15 minutes in game. bought new psu-no changes

after downgrade drivers i can play again !! have downgraded to an old one  

Radeon Software Version


Vulkan™ Driver Version


Thats It


The fans control has nothing to do with drivers, its managed on the graphic card bios, (that regulates the temps limits and what temps the fans start to spin), to do this he has to mod the bios and flash the graphic card, but is not the case here, the fans simply wount spins, that means that has a faulty connector or other problem...

The best way to solve their issue is send the graphic card to warranty, if it has warranty... The graphic card drivers dont fix or broke this problem.

Some exemple: The graphic card drivers regulate the manual fans spin and the graphic card Bios regulate the automatic fan spin.


You’re pretty much on the money here.

MSI Afterburner is showing a fan speed of 100% (or whatever it is supposed

to be at in balance to the current GPU temperature, it fluctuated

properly), but the fan tachometer showed zero at all times.

Cyberpower PC has approved a return on the GPU so I’ll likely be sending

that in this week.


In any case use the warranty. But in other way, you can try remove the MSI afterburner and other similar software and do a fresh driver install using ddu to remove the driver.

Is just to make sure that none of the softwares are conflicting with the fans control forcing it to be stoped. use only the AMD driver and HWmonitor to regulate the temp.

If dont work the problem is on the hardware.

Third party graphics controllers, Trixx, Afterburner, Asus all conflict with AMD/Wattman settings and controls. Delete it from your computer...disabling is not enough. Then clean install the driver of your choice. Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers