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Journeyman III

AMD Firepro W7100 2/3 Monitors Working.

I have a windows 10 64-bit computer. I recently put in an AMD Firepro W7100.  I have 3 monitors 2/3 work. When I go to windows display settings it shows all 3. But when I go to the 3rd display setting and try to extend the desktop to it, it won't let me. It has 4 ports as well, I tried all ports, different cords, etc. The monitor works so do the cords as I tested them. If I unplug one of my working monitors, the 3rd one starts to work and the one I unplugged won't work anymore. I don't know what to do anymore, I looked everywhere for help and I can't get (1).pngdownload.png

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You didn't say how what the monitors' make and models are and how they are connected to W7100.  What are the cables and adapters used? 

3 Different Models. A Sceptre E20, Onn, and Acer K202HQL. All are connected by DVI to HDMI. No special adapters, all cables off amazon.


I don't quite follow. The W7100 has neither HDMI nor DVI output