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Journeyman III

AMD Dropping Support for RDNA 5000 Series

I think that they are dropping all card supports that's why everyone that has spent over $300-$500 in their 5000 seirs cards is being dropped this years and the only working card is a 6000 seris. Honestly I thought that the 5600 and 5700 where great cards I guess they only hold time for 2 years then they drop the seris that will support with the Software. Explains why people can't even run netflix without there PC's are constantly crashing debugging and falling because every new Win 10 update does not want to support Radeon Software. Look at this point a 5600xt is basically a 2060 ohk card and 5700xt is basically a 2070 super copy of these cards and know they just want to drop all support with them.  So when you go to build a PC just buy a 3050 or a 3060ti it is going be hard because those 30 seris are going to last but don't yell at me because I know that a 3060 ti is better than those 6500 or 6600 xt cards. But have fun spending $800 - $900 for one. 

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Nice Rant. pointless, but nice .

Funny how people Join a Forum just to post Gibberish.


Not Jibberish it's honest. 

Community Manager

This is completely untrue. The RX 5000 series products are completely supported.

Before this thread goes completely off the rails, I am locking it.