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Journeyman III

amd drivers wont install

got a new radeon rx 5700 xt, the amd driver installer always gets stuck at either 44, 66, 95 or 99%.the newest one gets stuck at "installing amd chipset drivers". ive tried safe mode, DDU 3 times, amd cleanup software, deleting c:/amd. also, it briefly freezes every second when starting any driver install and takes 10 minutes to restart or shutdown, ending in a BSOD 50% of the time. tried installing from this video to no prevail. how do I fix this?

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Adept II

1. make sure you’re using the latest version of windows. Update if necessary.

2. make sure to update your chipset drivers for the motherboard you are using. 

3. use DDU in safe mode, it will be the most complete uninstall and make sure to reboot. 

4. Install Radeon drivers. 20.11.2 is the current recommended but lots of people are sticking with 20.11.1 because of bugs on the 5700 series like maxed out VRAM speeds, high voltage at idle, and heat issues that began with 20.11.2. 

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never use DDU on AMD , AMD have it own tools for that 

check the video and hope it will help

Journeyman III

This installation type should install all core software and driver components in the default folder location C:\Program Files\AMD\.