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Journeyman III

amd color bug

so i updated Amd drivers to the latest version which seems to be adrenalin 22.6.1 thinking this bug wouldn't be present but its still here. the Radeon settings are supposed to be red but its blue as shown here and here. the thing is, not every red is blue. the taskbar icon of radeon settings is still red so i have no idea what's wrong. this has been giving me a headache for a while. its not just radeon settings it includes games as well which really messes everything up. i would appreciate help. the solution has always been to roll back the drivers but then i wont be able to use Radeon software which is one of the main reasons for the driver update.

my system is a old toshiba satelite L75D-A7280 amd A-6 5200 with radeon hd 8400 graphics 6gb ram windows build 19044 (here's some pics of roblox (1st is windowed, second is fullscreen)) (driver date is 4/28/2022 and version is 27.20.20912.1002)



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