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AMD Cleanup Utility

Having used the AMD Cleanup Utility, in an effort to get a clean driver install that might not BSOD the machine so often, I discovered it removes EVERYTHING AMD. Why? Is that really necessary? I merely wanted to do a clean graphics driver update, and and the control software. What I didn't want to do is have to reinstall Radeon ProRender in all the apps I had it installed in. I haven't checked, but I'm guessing I have to also reinstall the material libraries as well. LIKE I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO. Perhaps there could be a LARGE warning that you are about to remove stuff you don't want removed, or better still, perhaps you could provide a list of installed stuff that can be checked if you want it removed. I don't expect to have to spend time I don't have to repair a system where your software has removed stuff needlessly. Not for the first time, not a happy customer.

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Sorry that happened to you. If you want to remove just drivers, next time DDU might be an option for you.

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