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Journeyman III

AMD 5700XT Crashing Grey Screen with Blue lines


I have some problems when I launch/play games (especially games with good graphics) my machine freezes then suddenly after I'll get a grey screen with vertical blue lines.

Picture link:

I have tried to install the latest driver, uninstall the driver, factory reset the computer. But still, the same problem occurs.

I have an Asus Radeon RX 5700 XT ROG Strix OC.

Anyone knows why this happens?


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Check your PSU. I'd go back to the 20.8.3 driver as well, using DDU in safe mode. Check the monitor since that's the new, super expensive, I think OLED? In any case the card is seeing the screen as multiple displays because of the size. Try a different display if you have one, see if it happens. Still, use the 20.8.3 driver with the 5000 series cards.

"It worked before you broke it!"

Thanks for reply!


I do have an silver 750w psu, should not that be enough? . Yes, it is the G9 samsung one. 

Current pc spec:


Asus rog gaming Z390 -F

32gm (2x16gb) ram 2666mhz




The PSU is plenty as long as it's not older than 5 years or so. Even then it is probably fine. If you have 2 PCIe separate power cables for the GPU, use them both rather then splitting one or using one that's dongled into 2. Use DDU to uninstall the current video driver and install the 20.8.3 driver.

AMD Radeon™ RX 5700 XT Previous Drivers | AMD  Scroll down for the 20.8.3 driver for Windows 10 and download it only for now.

Display Driver Uninstaller Download version (  Scroll to the bottom for the mirror closest to you. Then install the program but run it in "safe mode" to remove the AMD drivers for the GPU. Instructions are simple. Disconnect form the internet while removing/installing the driver.

(In case you don't know how: To get into "safe mode" in Windows 10, hold the "shift" key when you click on "restart". This will bring up the repair menu, select  "advanced", "start up options", "safe mode". with or without networking doesn't matter for this. The PC will reboot, enter your password or PIN and you should be in "safe mode". Run DDU and uninstall the AMD GPU driver with reboot option enabled as default. Stay offline while you install the 20.8.3 driver.)

Before you connect back to the internet, go into the Radeon settings and disable the automatic update feature or you'll be back to where you began. 

Now see if the card does that without any further adjustments. Post back with results please.

"It worked before you broke it!"
Adept I

Did you ever fix this? Mine has done it for months ever since I got my G9 ultrawide 240hz..

There doesn't seem to be any explanation as to why or when it happens.


I emailed support and went through all of their suggestions for weeks, they said I need to send the GPU back and claim warranty, but I know the GPU isn't broken, I never had this issue with 2 other monitors I used for a long time before the G9.



Nitro 5700xt

1000w PSU

16GB ram

I have the exact same issue on my odyssey g9 with a 6800 xt. Did you make any progress or figure it out?

I have the same issue with RX 6900 XT and Samsung G9 Odyssey..the same grey screen and blue lines apear and my pc gets stuck..i need to do a hard reset.

So far I've not had the issue today. Make sure you download the 'device(install)  (c49g9xT)' file and the latest firmware on Samsung's website.


I have the latest firmware and drivers ..i only have this problem with 6900 xt.... my rtx 3070 has no issue with the monitor..i am sure it is something with the AMD drivers and DSC..since this monitor uses DSC compression.

Journeyman III

I have Odyssey G7, 6700xt and I also have this issue if I update from 21.10.2. It will work for a while then grey screen a a few mins into a game and I will have to power of pc and restart as soon as I go back to 21.10.2 it works fine again. I have tried DDU, repairing windows, swapping ram slots and even disabling vrr and freesync on monitor and turning off freesync in AMD. Nothing fixes the issue for me if anyone has figured out a fix let me know I have been having this issue for a long time now. 


I didn't fix the issue but I somehow overpowered it. After many months of 5700xt crashing, I just bought at 6900xt. The grey/blue line screen flashes up for less than a second sometimes and then goes away, so for me it's fixed. I just figured that buying a much better card to handle the display might help, and it did. Even though I still see the screen flash rarely, it's almost like the card just plows through and doesn't crash. Hope they patch it because I understand the 6900xt is well beyond a reasonable budget for such a stupid crash


Are you overclocking the GPU?

What you are describing looks like the results overheating from voltage set too high.


No OC on old card or new. It looks like its just a **bleep**ty driver with these monitors as it seems common enough. The issue is that G9 superultrawide users are already a tiny minority as is.. so a common fault among us is a rare fault overall; not on AMDs priority.


My OP stated how the card worked completely fine before the new monitor, and both 5700xt and 6900xt do this crash. The big difference is the 6900xt powers through it and flickers the screen for less than a second, whereas the 5700xt went to full crash