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Journeyman III

7900XT - Eyefinity - 8560x1440

Hello everyone,

Last week I upgraded from the 6800XT to the 7900XT.

I have a 27" 2560x1440 (DP)  + 34" 3440x1440 (HDMI)  + 27" 2560x1440 (DP) triple monitor setup.

With eyefinity it gave a 8560x1440 resolution without any issues.

Unfortunately after swapping to the 7900xt, I only manage to get a 7680x1440 with the latest available driver installed.

It will force the 34" to use 2560x1440 resolution aswel which looks pretty odd.

So far I have tried a clean windows installation, read all available forum posts, youtube video's. None of the suggestions seem to fix it. CRU tool etc.

I'm pretty sure this is driver related, since the 6800XT was able to run this resolution out of the box, same DP/HDMI combination and exact same settings.

Happy to hear if anyone has other suggestions and hopefully it will be fixed in the next update.

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Adept II

Maybe it ist because of the standard resolution limit of 7.680x4.320 for the GPU?
With your setup you have 8.560 horizontal pixels.

Screenshot_20230108-134735356 (1).jpg


And maybe you have to change something in the Adrenaline settings because the 22.12.1/22.12.2 ADRENALIN drivers are special and just for the 7900series => in some points different from the <22.11.2 for your 6800XT...

e.g. with Custom Resolution and "create new" or the pixel format in the Display settings?



Adept II

Hmmh - my 1st reply is gone???

Next try:
The 7900 gpu has a standard resolution limit of 7680 pixels in horizontal (e.g. 4x1920 or 3x2560 or 2x3840).
See the specs from your specific model (???) at the manufacturer website.
E.g. if it is from Sapphire:



Maybe you can change some display settings in the mandantory 22.12.1 or 22.12.2 drivers from AMD for the 7900 series -> pixel format or Custom resolution (create new)?




Journeyman III

Thanks for your suggestion.

This max resolution was indeed one of the possible causes, but upon checking the 6800XT had the same limit and from the start took advantage of the full resolution.

The custom resolution is not available once you go into eyefinity unfortunately.

One thing I did not do is fiddling with the pixel format, but at first sight all settings are the same as with the 6800XT.

For now I have no other option then to replace the 21:9 monitor with a normal 16:9. Bit stupid.


Adept II

Just wanted to let you know, (another 7900 owner) seeing similar limitation. Previously had a 5700XT that had no issue on Adrenaline 22.11.2 with 9440 (3440 + 25460 + 3440) x 1440p. I Saved my settings then Reset the driver settings. Uninstalled 5700XT from Device Manager. Shut down.
Removed 5700XT wand replaced with 7900XTX

On next reboot, run Adrenaline 22.12.2. Restart/Reboot.

Max horizontal is 7680. I assumed this to be using the lowest resolution (2560) and multiplying by three to accommodate for the 3x1 layout. 

I have yet to see any reviews with mutlti/ultrawide+ setups. Most top out at 4K.

Journeyman III

Hi everyone
playing 48:9 since 6 years (first with GTX 980SLI, then 1080ti, 6800XT mGPU and finally 7900XTX) at 5760x1080 (with bezel compensation => 5920x1080 and 5820x1080)

Since I have got my 7900xtx , driver probleme, can't play AoE4 without underclocking, BSOD (had to restore system)... and no more bezel compensation, eyefinity always add (6.4*30=192pixel) for each screen i have

4 monitors becomes 8448x1080, triple moniteur becomes 6336x1080 and  double moniteur becomes 4224x1080 whatever wich value I use for bezel compensation...

tested with drivers : 22.12.1 - 22.12.2 - 23.1.1 - 23.1.2

Very very disappointed by AMD but what other choice do we have...

Journeyman III

I encountered the same issue with my 21:9 + 16:9 monitors config (2560x1080 + 1920x1080). While enabling eyefinity, 21:9 resolution was squished to 16:9 on my RX 7900 XTX on 23.1.1 drivers.
On my previous GPU (Vega 56) everything worked fine. My guessing is that driver's bug is responsible for that.
AMD needs to address this issue while updating their drivers.

Adept II

Confirmed with latest Drivers that system is only allowing a base resolution of the lowest connected monitor.

Replaced the 2560x1440p with a 3440x1440p and now get 10,320 x 1440p (3 x 3440x1440) as opposed to the 7680 x 1440p (3x 2560 x 1440). If I instead connect a 1920x1080p monitor i only get 5760 x 1080p as max resolution.

The same issue applies to RX 7900 XTX.

Adept I

Same here with a RX 7900 XTX.
2x16:9 + 1x21:9

Journeyman III

XFX Brand
RX 7900 XTX
Bezel correction/compensation KO
Il always goes 6336x1080
negative bezel works fine

Exemple : 

-50px makes eyefinity screen 5660x1080
+50px makes eyefinity screen 6336x1080 instead of 5860x1080


I do not understand clearly what you're saying, however no matter what I add in the eyefinity pro, it only created a broken res anyways ignoring my 3440 res and using it as 2560.

If I use very high correction/compensation for instance 900 it generates a large res, but the difference is not visible, so there is really a huge gap in between screens.

Adept II

Re-tested with the latest release (23.3.2) same results:
3440 + 2560 + 1920 = 5760 x 1080 (ie 1920 times 3 by 1080p) = NOT WORKING
3440 + 2560+ 3440 = 7680 x 1440 (ie, 2560 times 3 by 1440p) = NOT WORKING
3440 + 3440 + 3440 = 10,320 = WORKING

Driver Version -
AMD Windows Driver Version - 31.0.14043.1000
UI Version - 2023.0315.0123.1963
Windows Edition - Windows 11 Professional (64 bit)
Windows Version - 22H2

Adept I

I'm currently running with a mix of autohotkey script and "Simple Runtime Window Editor" (depending of the game) to force resize windows on my triple setup monitor (2560 + 3440 + 2560).


I was not able to archive it, no matter what I do, I'm not able to get 6000 (2560 + 3440) resolution.


Yes those software I mention does not enable eyefinty. It only stretch the game window on triple screen.
I don't know if I can link this but there it is:
This software let you select a window and modifiy its properties. For what we need, you can update it size.

Journeyman III

Same problem here.
7900XT with 3x27" 2560x1440 and 1x49" 5120x1440.
Eyefinity makes 10240x1440 instead of 12800x1440. I have tried both EyefinityPro and Adrenalin Eyefinity quick tool
It works with 5700xt.

Journeyman III

Retested on RX 7900 XTX, drivers 23.8.1
2560x1080 + 1920x1080 is displayed as 3840x1080, so the 2560 is reduced to 1920

yep, same behavior as when launched, at this point thinking it's not longer just a driver issue, but instead a design limitation