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Journeyman III

7900 XTX stability issue - reseat GPU to fix

Looking for some input/ideas - recently built a new PC. Overall, pretty happy with it but I'm struggling with an issue that I wanted some input on.

The build has been live for about a month now. Shortly after the build, I was having intermittent issues with getting a display from my GPU on boot up. Just a blank screen. I would plug the monitor into the onboard graphics and sure enough, the PC was on but would not detect the 7900 XTX. Rebooting would sometimes solve the issue but the issue would come back. I re-seated the GPU and the issue went away for a while.

The other day while using the PC, the screen went blank and the system crashed. I rebooted it, it appeared to be fine. Yesterday I boot the PC up, windows loads then within a couple of minutes the screen goes black and the system crashes. I try to power the PC back on and it crashes every time it gets to Windows. Screen goes black. When it crashes, the GPU fans go to 100% and sound like a jet engine. Eventually after trying to get into Windows (Without success), I get a BSOD. "CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED".

Tried a restore point, recovery, etc. Nothing was successful, I could not get back into Windows. I decided to wipe the drives and start over with another fresh install, assuming I just got unlucky and a system filed corrupted.

Fresh install went smooth up until I went to install the AMD drivers. As soon as I installed the AMD drivers, the screen went black, system crashed and GPU fans kicked to max. I was able to replicate this every time. Even just attempting to install the drivers, the system would crash. I tried numerous versions of the drivers as well.

Pulled the GPU out, reseated it again just for kicks and was able to install the drivers without issues. Tested out on a couple games, runs great.


TLDR: I've had to reseat the GPU two times now within a month. Starts out great and then for some reason, GPU will start having issues and a reseat seems to fix it.


Not sure what to do, unfortunately, I've lost a bit of confidence in the card. I love the performance and was really excited to switch over from Nvidia but this has been a frustrating journey. I'm still within the return window (9/18), so I have a couple days to see if the issue comes back.


GPU: Sapphire Nitro RX 7900 XTX

CPU: RYZEN 7 7800X3D

Motherboard ASUS ROG B650E-F

BIOS Version: 1654


PSU: CORSAIR RM1000X (1000W)

Case: Corsair Crystal 570X

Operating System & Version: WINDOWS 10 PRO

GPU Drivers: AMD Adrenalin 23.9.1

Chipset Drivers: AMD B650E

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Journeyman III

Problem happened again yesterday. Everything seemed to be fine, then random black screen. Tried clearing the drivers with DDU and reloading them. System crashed immediately. Tried a couple more times but could not get it to work. Used DDU on the drivers, installed my old 3070 Ti and everything worked fine without issues for the rest of the day. System also booted up much faster. I find it interesting that the GPU got substantially worse over time, but finicky from day one.

I really wanted AMD to work but I'm going to return it and go back to Nvidia. Too much of a headache to deal with this when I just need the system to work


How much larger is the 7900xtx vs the 3070ti?  If physically reseating the GPU fixes it, then doesn't that indicate it could be how everything is fitting in your case? 

Journeyman III

I switched to a 4090 and all problems have gone away. The GPU was the issue. Unfortunate because I liked the 7900 XTX but i didn't want to deal with more headaches


Glad you have a working system.  Cheers!

Journeyman III

Are you by chance using FreeSync with your monitor? I've experienced very similar issues with my 7900XTX - blackscreens on boot, BSODs (though I was almost always getting a DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION rather than a CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED), and only being able to get a display with the iGPU - and found that disabling FreeSync in the Adrenaline control panel seems to have fixed my stability issues.

I've been experiencing the instability since the July driver release and have tried just about everything to troubleshoot it - doing clean installs of multiple driver revisions, reseating the card, checking my system drive for problems and RAM for errors, repairing my Windows install, and completely reinstalling Windows. Nothing helped, and I was starting to worry the GPU was failing. However, since disabling FreeSync about a week ago I haven't experienced any system instability. I'd love to use FreeSync, but it seems like the July driver release might have broken it on specific system configurations.