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Adept I

7900 XTX Power Limit Question

I recently got my 7900 XTX and was wondering if we will be able to set the Power Limit to values below -10 to reduce power draw.
While gaming I see around 300 Watts even in light loads like WoW. 

It could be an architectural limitation. What do you guys think? 

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This has a very good explanation of undervolting/overclocking with a power saver.


uh cheers! thanks for the share

Adept II

Its better to set power limit all the way up it will help stable the gpu in general (card will only use more if needed but gpu will not go full power just by turning it up full) . Then do your undervolt . Start at 1100 and work your wway down in small steps (like 1150 , 1125, (good start at) 1100 , then try 1095 , 1090 , etc and see how that works for you . ~ Gpu should run cooler but stable while still only using the basic power it needs depending on your usage (game settings etc) .