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Journeyman III

7900 XTX not usable for VR

I just ordered a 7900 XTX @ AMD with the plan to use it for VR. Now it looks like the card (architecture or drivers) are not meant to be used for VR.

It falls incredible short in terms of VR FPS. The 4080 blows the 7900 XTX out of the water. At least in the first available VR review:

Should I return the card or is there any chance VR will be supported soon? With the USB-C I thought they had VR in mind as well but it seems I was wrong.




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Journeyman III

I have my card, and I can't get Steam VR to work properly at all.  If AMD don't have anything to say about this, then I'm returning it for Nvidia. 


I guess I'm glad I'm not the only one.  I bought this card to have a decent jump for VR.  Since there were no reviews for VR I took the plunge and got one from Micro Center.  

I can't get steamvr to function right.  I have great frame times, 3-6ms everything is in the green for GPU and CPU usage but I cant get the FPS of 70 on my reverb g2.

I'm thinking of selling this and getting a 4080.

Adept II

Hi all, i am also gonna follow the topic as i would like to use it eventually with something heavy - PiMax 12K 

I think it's mostly driver problem...not sure why AMD didn't do the job properly for the driver inception. 

Adept I

In my case, my old HTC vive is not even being detected when connected to the 7900 xtx hdmi port, but it works on the motherboard HDMI! Obviously playing VR on integrated graphics is not what I want. Is this a 7900 XTX driver problem? Or is it my headset that doesnt work the newer 2.1 HDMI ports? 

My next step will be getting an adapter for the USB-C but I don't know if it will work either...

I have the same problem with the hdmi port not being detected by the graphics card, but being detected by the motherboard only. Did the USB-C adapter made it work?


Yeah, same for me. I got a XFX RX 7900 XTX (what a name...) and the HDMI connection of my HTC Vive (first generation) will not be detected no matter what I do. I tried connecting a display through HDMI to see if the port is functional - it is. The display shows what it's meant to show. Connecting the HTC Vive Link Box back and... Nothing. Just the error that the HDMI connection couldn't be established.

I thought that this graphics card would make gaming easier with the power cramped into it... But till now I had so many issues with it... If I couldn't find a solution until the end of the year I'll return it and go back to NVIDIA. It was my first try with AMD graphics and I'm really not happy with it. Yes, NVIDIA has problems too, but there is a fix and/or solution after a very short period of time.


=== Small update ===

Looking up what the HTC Vive Linkbox is used for I found a forum post where someone suspected a fault with his Linkbox because the HTC Vive was not working. The support told him to skip the Linkbox and connect his Vive directly to his PC.

In my case USB and power are working fine. Just the HDMI is not coming through. So I disconnected my Vives HDMI cable (the one going from the Linkbox to the headset) from the linkbox and connected it directly to the HDMI of my graphics card. Then I started SteamVR and... I got visual!

It seems like the graphics card is not able to recognize the Linkbox as a display and will not "turn on" the HDMI port!


Please try this with your HTC Vive and give me a quick answer if this works for you or not! Thanks.

Adept I

Another disappointed VR user here. It appears I have made a massive mistake going for team red. VR is unplayable on my 7900XTX. What a shame. I was Nvidia for a decade and one experiment on the other side reminded me why I stay Nvidia. Their products are far more polished and seamless. I will maybe wait for 1 driver update but probably sell it and go back to Nvidia forever.  

Adept II

 AMD is not so much in VR i think... Hope they will prove me wrong at some point

Journeyman III

I bought the 7900 XTX as an upgrade to 3080ti but looking at reviews it's not even close when it comes to VR performance. Apparently at this point it won't even work with my Index. Hoping it'll get resolved over xmas otherwise I'll have to return the card as will have no use for it.

I have the same problem on my 7900 XTX. When i boot the Computer with the Valve Index plugged in the Windows Screen doesn't show up. The second problem if i fire up SteamVR the GPU Usage goes up to 60% by me, even if i do nothin in SteamVR Home at it is only around 150% Supersampling and on 90hz. The Games do also not work most of them, exept Half Life Alyx, AMD Please do fix these VR Issues on the next driver update.

Community Manager

This is a known issue under investigation. 

We have an exisiting thread discussing lower than expected perfomrance in VR.

You can follow this thread for future status updates and to provide your feedback.