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Adept II

7900 XTX crashing in Final Fantasy XIV


I just bought a new 7900 XTX, reference card on AMD website.
This replaced an old 1080ti that was working perfectly in my system that will be replaced by a newer one soon.

With the latest drivers 22.12.2, the card is crashing constantly and randomly in FFXIV, returning to desktop with a DX11 error message.

I tried many things: Driver reinstall, game reinstall, enabling/disabling: fps cap, enhanced sync, anti lag... nothing changes, i've sent report using the driver feedback tool already.

This sounds like a driver issue, a fix would be appreciated!

My Specs (to be replaced soon with newer CPU/MB/Ram):

CPU: Core I7 8700k
RAM: 32GB Gskill DDR4 memory 3200 Mhz
MB: Asrock Taichi Z370
GPU: AMD Radeon 7900 XTX
Sound: Steelseries Arctis Nova 7 (+ Sonar)
OS: Win 10 21H2
PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 850W
Monitor: Alienware aw3423dw (3440x1440 120hz)

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Adept II

Still crashes with 23.3.2

Adept I

I THINK I have solved this issue on my end. I will outline my solution to see if this works for anyone else.

1.) Uninstall current driver with DDU and reinstall the driver. (I'm still on 23.3.2)

2.) Disable all overlays. Steam, Adrenaline, Xbox Game Bar, Discord, ect. Also disable Adrenaline recording/instant replay.

3.) Most importantly, underclock your GPU. I'm currently sitting at 93% or -200mhz from stock on my 7900XTX.

I realize that underclocking is not ideal purely on principal as you're not getting what you paid for, but if it works until this issue is actually resolved then by all means I'll take it. I'm still skeptical if this is a true solution, so I will update this post if it fails. I will also begin testing enabling overlays and other features to see if these crashes return under those conditions. I believe underclocking is the primary solution right now.



I'm also testing that route currently, i noticed that undervolting (1130mV) and setting manual parameters for Min & Max frequencies (MIN: 500 & MAX: 2500) seems to ease a bit the crashes frequency.

I suspect the governors in default configuration to mess up with the card stability and this may go beyond FFXIV.

I'll test:

  • Conservative with slight undervolting (1130 mV, MIN:500 MAX:2500)
  • Locking MIN to MAX frequency value
  • Underclocking: MAX: 2300
  • Underclocking & undervolting: MAX: 2300 & 1130mV

So far after 2 days of intensive playing in FFXIV, no crash with these settings:

  • Conservative with slight undervolting (1130 mV, MIN:500 MAX:2500)

I'll keep you updated.


Still stable on mine, default settings other than a modest underclock at 2757MHz. I've begun re-enabling overlays, going to see if that messes anything up.

Edit: Induced a crash after re-enabling Adrenaline overlay and instant replay after interacting with a third party program while playing MTGA. Going to disable and try and induce the crash again. This was not a fatal DX11 error, this was a normal driver timeout.


Seems to confirm something's wrong with governors/frequency management, still no crashes with my previous configuration.


I have not been able to reproduce any more crashes since my last post after disabling Adrenaline overlay and instant replay. I also further reduced max frequency to 2700. No issues on my end since.

Adept I

This issue is still present and has been giving me issues since I bought this card on launch. A couple steps away from throwing this card in the trash.

Seems to be related to multi-monitor issues. Also discord with hardware acceleration turned on may or may not be contributing.

Been beta-testing AMD's garbage for them. So sick and tired of dealing with these crashes.

Adept I

Setting auto undervolt for FFXIV in Adrenalin seems to have a positive effect along with the disabling MPO in the registry fix


Indeed, i noticed that too, i still got crashes from time to time but frequency has diminished.

Went further with setting conservative values in manual settings:
1130 mV, MIN:500 MAX:2500, rest untouched

No crashes so far with 23.4.1


Are you still crashless since implementing this?


Yes, didn't experience a single crash yet


don't do it... don't give me hope.

joking aside. I think this finally fixed it. Thanks for sharing,

Journeyman III

Just "upgraded" to 7900 XTX from a 2070, and also hitting these issues... Uninstalled previous drivers with DDU, installed latest stable AMD drivers. Had one reproducible crash, and a bunch of others so far I can't reproduce (because I can't re-enter cutscene etc).

One crash I could reproduce (and reported using the bug report tool also):
Twitch stream on the background.
On the quest "Sea of Sorrow", talk to the "Anguished Spirit" to finish the quest and have the cutscene play. Crash/freeze will happen when the spirits start fading away (timestamped video, not mine, does not crash: ).

I guess I might return the card if it keeps crashing like this?


I would return it if you can get something else equivalent at the same price point instead.

Else try to set manual settings in the config panel with

Voltage: 1130 mV
MIN Frequency :500Mhz MAX
MAX Frequency: 2500Mhz

This should constrain the governors of the GPU in behaving slightly differently and seems (or i'm super lucky) to reduce or eliminates completely crashes.

AMD driver team should seriously consider looking at this thread as this could be a hint of a more general behavior issue of the card impacting other games.

Adept II

So with the latest drivers 23.4.3 I decided to try and plug in my second monitor while playing FFXIV and I haven't gotten any artifacts or DirectX errors/driver crashes which is nor the norm as per the last 4 driver versions. It mainly happened while watching a youtube video/interacting with discord/listening to spotify on my second monitor and playing FFXIV on my main monitor. It seems (hopefully) like it is fixed for my system in this driver version. I still see slightly high single monitor power usage at 22w and with my second monitor plugged in it doubles to 44w (and that is with the second monitor lowered to 60hz because of the 100w bug, which ...I don't "care" about but I still shouldn't have to lower it for it to not consume close to a gaming load of power on the board)


CPU: 5900X
RAM: 32GB TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark Za @3600mhz
MB: Asus X570-P
GPU: AMD Radeon 7900XT XFX Merc310 Black
OS: Win 10 22H2
PSU: RM1000x
Monitor: LG 27GN800-B Ultragear (2560x1440 144hz), Second Monitor: ViewSonic (1920x1080 75hz) set to 60hz

Journeyman III



Sorry if this is a dead post, but I have found something that has worked for my setup in particular. My setup:

CPU: AMD R9 5950X
GPU: XFX Merc 310 7900 XTX

Motherboard: ASUS X570 Plus Wi-Fi


RAM: 64 GB DDR4 3600

Monitor: Samsung 32 G7 1440p 240Hz

OS: Windows 11 22H2

AMD Driver: 23.5.2

I think there is a problem with the Adrenalin software itself being able to recognize GPUs' clock rates. I had noticed that no matter what game I played my fans seemed to be at 100% before long and then game would crash at some point. Adrenalin would show GPU clock at around 2900MHz which even the boost clock on my GPU model is only supposed to be up to 2615MHz. I think this was causing overheating or something similar. I went into Performance Tuning in Adrenalin and set a default profile. I set the GPU clock to the manufacturer's published max game clock rate (2455MHz) and changed max fan speed to 75%.

I then created a profile for Final Fantasy XIV in which I set the clock rate to a max of 2350 MHZ (-100MHz of max). 


I still get the same or better fps in games I have tested so far with max settings:

Control (Max Settings, Max RT): ~85 FPS

FFXIV (1440P, Maximum settings): 120-400 FPS

Cyberpunk (1440, Ultra settings, Max RT, FSR 2.1): ~60 FPS


Your mileage may vary of course, but this has been working for me so far with 0 crashes and GPU junction temp staying in low to mid 80s while under heavy load.

I hope this helps!

Yes this seems to be the root cause of the issue.

Most likely the GPU governors not managing correctly the frequencies and voltage of the GPU for very short amount of time maybe, maybe microseconds? Not sure but it's impossible to see with standard monitoring.

Boost behaves differently from games to games too that must be why it's only impacting FFXIV and maybe some other games?

For my model (reference model), creating a profile with a boost at 2700mhz and undervolt at 1130mv fixes this.

This doesn't alter performances at all since it never boosts above 2700mhz in that game anyway, but the governor seems to behave differently and no crashes so far after 2 months.

I tried this and haven't crashed yet! Thanks for your discovery. My Adrenalin is also showing the GPU clock super high even though my 7900 xtx is only supposed to go up to 2500 MHz, so weird.