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Adept II

7900 XTX crashing in Final Fantasy XIV


I just bought a new 7900 XTX, reference card on AMD website.
This replaced an old 1080ti that was working perfectly in my system that will be replaced by a newer one soon.

With the latest drivers 22.12.2, the card is crashing constantly and randomly in FFXIV, returning to desktop with a DX11 error message.

I tried many things: Driver reinstall, game reinstall, enabling/disabling: fps cap, enhanced sync, anti lag... nothing changes, i've sent report using the driver feedback tool already.

This sounds like a driver issue, a fix would be appreciated!

My Specs (to be replaced soon with newer CPU/MB/Ram):

CPU: Core I7 8700k
RAM: 32GB Gskill DDR4 memory 3200 Mhz
MB: Asrock Taichi Z370
GPU: AMD Radeon 7900 XTX
Sound: Steelseries Arctis Nova 7 (+ Sonar)
OS: Win 10 21H2
PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 850W
Monitor: Alienware aw3423dw (3440x1440 120hz)

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Adept I

you must unistall your old gpu driver using DDU


Sorry. del


Already done so

Adept II

Yeah FFXIV is super unstable with any sort of tweaking. It seems to be an issue with whatever it's doing at lighter loads; if I VSR to 8K I have no issues with stability, but at 4K it's a bit of a mess. Thankfully during raids it's perfectly fine...

Adept II

This is confirmed with a totally different configuration (friend of mine) and the same card 7900 XTX and drivers.
FFXIV crashes randomly and as frequent as every 2 minutes.

This is indeed a driver issue.

I've noticed the same random issue with FFXIV. Definitely seems like driver issues. As the AMD software tends to crash out for me, as well as the directx11 crash.


Hi, i fix this issue by disable FreeSync (Adaptive-Sync).

Known issue.


[DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION] RX 7900 XTX/XT User if you encounter this BSOD, disable FreeSync.



Hi, i fix this issue by disable FreeSync (Adaptive-Sync).

Known issue.


[DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION] RX 7900 XTX/XT User if you encounter this BSOD, disable FreeSync.



It's not Freesync in that case, my monitor isn't Freesync compatible

And it's not a BSOD either, but a driver reinitialisation under windows

Adept I

I just wanted to reiterate this issue. It almost feels like it has been happening more frequently on the most recent drivers. I have multiple monitors and have noticed it appears to happen more often when viewing a video on the 2nd monitor while playing but I can't confirm that as a trigger, but I will attempt to induce it more to help troubleshoot the issue. This does not happen in other games so far. RDR2 crashes but that appears to be a game issue and it's not a driver crash. I play a lot of Hunt Showdown and that has not crashed at all yet.

My Specs:

CPU: Core i5 13600k
RAM: 64GB Corsair DDR4 memory 3200 Mhz
MB: Gigabyte z690 Gaming X
GPU: AMD Radeon 7900 XTX (Reference)
OS: Win 10 22H2
PSU: Corsair 850W
Monitor #1:Asus ROG PG248Q (180hz @ 1080p)
Monitor #2: Asus VN279 (60hz @ 1080p)


That's true, i'm suspecting that too, but i very often have a video open so...
I'll try to note if i get standalone crashes.

Adept I

I posted a response earlier but don't see it. Just giving this a bump because this is still a persistent issue and is borderline making the game unplayable especially in a raiding scenario where I have to worry about crashes mid pull.


Have you tried using the latest AMD drivers for the 7900 series, 23.1.2? I've been using them and haven't had crazy crashes like before.


I have a different Dell monitor, AW3821DW, which is gsync ultimate, which was supposed to be able to support freesync too, but it crashes with amd drivers.


So the fix right now is to turn off freesync. If CRU worked with 7900 GPUs, we should be able to decrease the freesync range and increase the bottom of the range from 1 to 24 or 30, and it should work.

But CRU doesn't work with 7900s for freesync range at least.


My monitor is AW3821DW too, my problem is if i enable FreeSync, some games works fine, some games will encounter DPC_Watchdog_Violation BSOD...

And the issue is not only happened with G-sync ultimate monitor.

Many people report from internet also have this problem.

This is amd driver issue, since the BSOD dump will find amd driver call trace.


Do you think AMD will fix it, or is it even on their radar? I just got this 7900 xtx, and i am thinking about returning this week if I cannot get freesync working with this monitor.


I think they will fix it... but don't know when...

This is seriously problem.


Unless you can get RTX 4090, i think 7900 xtx is better than 4080 now.

but if they can not fix this problem, i think my next card will go back to nvidia.

Adept I

Similar problem here with the same card, every game works fine so far except ffxiv and sons of the forest. My case it’s a driver timeout with my main monitor remain black so I’ll have to reboot every time I run into this. And it’s even worse now than in Jan since the driver will timeout like in 2-5mins after I login to my toon.

I really don’t know why they haven’t do anything about this.

Adept I


Same issue here.

Computer specs:

BIOS= 4402(02/03/2023)
Driver GPU= 31.0.14037.1007 (05/03/2023)
CPU= AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
RAM= G.Skill DDR4 32 GB
GPU= AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX (GIGABYTE Gaming OC - 24 GB)

Game freeze then black screen. (the game crash but not the computer). It appear randomly With FFXIV only.

Others game are fine (Forspoken, Hogwarts legacy, Wo long, nier automata..).

Game crash with the following error:

"A fatal DirectX error has occured.(11000002)"

In the event viewer (system events):

4101 system event: diplay driver amdwddmd did not respond.

I have:

Fully updated computer component, OS also.

completely reinstalled the GPU driver with DDU (with and without adrenalin software)

reinstalled the game, but crash still appear.

Try disabling
Discord overlay
AMD Performance overlay
RivaTuner (if you are using) or better jus don't launch it, it always can cause a crash sometimes
Xbox Game Bar overlay

Disabling Discord overlay seems to do the trick. Also i prevent steam to launch at start.

Now i can play without crash since few days.


Adept II

My installation of MW2 (in a seperate thread) is doing exactly the same thing. Wished I'ld never swapped to AMD from Nvidia. Was running perfectly well with the 3080ti I had. Now, nothing but problems. Reinsatlled everything multiple times. Only thing left is go with a new PSU (mine is a 850w), but most websites state that this should be enough. My PS5 is more friggin stable! Arrrrrrrrrrgh!

Adept I

I've been having this problem with FFXIV ever since I got my 7900 XTX over a month ago. I keep hoping that one of these driver updates will fix the issue and that they actually read the stupid bug report box I fill out every time it crashes but it still hasn't gone away. Everything will freeze, there will be a black screen and then Windows will reappear with an 1100002 DirectX error message and FFXIV closed out. I have tried everything, from capping the fps to 60, turning off freesync, running it in borderless window and fullscreen, running it in DirectX9 and messing around with the graphics settings but nothing has worked and FFXIV is the only game that has been experiencing these issues. It is definitely a driver issue as a Event 4101 always will appear in the event log and my 1000 watt PSU/thermals are excellent. 

The one thing that I've noticed is that clicking on other applications or clicking on my other monitor or having Youtube visible and running on my second monitor definitely seems to exacerbate it. Sometimes it'll go for hours without a crash but if there's something playing on my second monitor or I'm clicking back and forth a bit it'll most definitely occur within the hour. 

It just sucks man, I paid a lot of money for this card and FFXIV is one of the most played MMORPGs as well as my most played game. But instead the Adrenalin patch notes are always filled with random fixes for games I've never heard of and I fear they don't even know this is an issue judging by how long this topic's been up. 


Can confirm, the way you describe the issue and how it can be induced also perfectly aligns with what I have been experiencing. I've tried many things including reinstalling the drivers, game and windows, trying the driver only version, disabling all overlays, ect. Now I'm underclocking my gpu to see if that fixes it, but it's so intermittent it's hard to tell.


Driver & game crashes with "Fatal DirectX Error 11000002"

The issue can be induced by alt-tabbing out of the game and interacting with other programs such as web browsers or even discord. May be also be related to multiple monitors.

This issue has gone on way too long without a response from you guys. At least let us know you're aware of the issue.

I'm so **bleep** close to selling this card and swearing off AMD for life.

Discord especially seems to increase the frequency of crashes, as I found out while trying to isolate the problem and so does going into areas in game with lots of people 


On my 7900XT FF crashes with I have multiple monitors plugged in and interact with anything outside of the game on the second monitor like steam or discord. It isn't a matter of if it will crash the game it is a matter of when.


How do you release a product that, not only had driver crashes when multiple monitors are plugged in but also makes the video card draw over 100 **bleep**ing watts if the second monitor is above 60hz????? 


Yeah if AMD wants to treat their customers like **bleep** on the GPU side I'll gladly go back to team green and stick a middle finger up at any and all radeon gpus.


Same situation and same issue until i did few things like disabling Discord overlay, prevent few soft to lunch from start (like steam and Parsec). then disabling / enabling game mode in Windows 11. I dont Know exactement wich one was the culprint but since then, i can play FfXIV without any crash.

Adept I

23.4.1 didn't make a difference, I'm still getting crashes if I have Discord open. I also tried disabling MPO, clean driver installs, freesync, dxvk, making sure I didn't have any game overlays enabled, turning off Windows 11 shenanigans, you name it. Shame on AMD for not even acknowledging this thread despite it being up for 3 months. 


Same, i tried disabling MPO didn't change anything.

I just updated to 23.4.1 and the problem seems exacerbated, got 2 crashes in less than 1h wheras with 23.3.2 the game almost never crashed.

Back to 23.3.2 for me.

Sadly and given the quite important problems that seems unresolved for months (VR issues, high consumption at idle...) i have the feeling this card will never be stable and we're experiencing the immature RDNA 3 (chiplets) architecture that'll be scrapped like Vega was before... disapointing...


We really need a lemon law type thing for GPUs, that would finally put radeon out of business.. I would actually be happy about that at this point.


Unfortunately i don't wish for that to happen as the green counterpart will have nothing to stop selling us cards at 3k+ €/$

I used ATI/AMD cards as far as i can remember, got pretty much all architectures even Fury & Vega and this is the 1st time i have an AMD card that unstable...


I haven't had an AMD GPU in many years and all I heard was their drivers were better this and that. 


I'm not impressed with these "good" drivers everyone claims they have. I also didn't pay 800 dollars to beta test their drivers(/products) for them. 


I always get the impression people are lagging behind the times, they were super good during HD 4xxx - 7xxx & GCN era and people were still calling them crap, and now they're really at their bare minimum, crippled with bugs and people call them good...

I'm wondering if AMD driver team is understaffed right now, you can't have such major issues for months in your Known issues backlog and i'm not even talking about FFXIV here...

Journeyman III

Got the same issues, what i found out is that setting game priority to high fixes the issue somewhat, but it still crashes. Hope they can fix it soon, its super annoying

Adept II


I had 3 issues:

1) In Game (MW2), installed latest 23.4.1 drivers using DDU to clear out all traces of the old drivers. This didn't stop the black and white issues itself. In game I changed the Graphics Quality to AMD FSR2.1 and the Video Memory Scale to 90 (despite advice not to). This combination has seemed to work, 3hrs of gaming last night and not one issue.

2) Game crashing with a DirectX error code. Reinstalled DirectX.

3) Windows crashing, sometime on launch, sometimes once Windows had started, and in game. Reinstalled AMD chipset drivers, reinstalled Visual C++ and ran sfc/scannow in Cmd Promt to reapir any files.

This combintation worked for me, hope you guys can find a solution somehow!


Wrong thread


Nope. See my earlier post. 


Well obviously your earlier post is also on the wrong thread, you should treat each game crashes separately from each other even if the cause it the same, you never know.

The behavior is certainly not the same as your MW2 game (no crash on launch for instance) and nothing to do with bad game installation/DX and so on, and there's no FSR setting in FFXIV either...

Can't wait for someone that fixed something on Doom Eternal!


If you read my original post there is a cross over between FFXIV and MW2 because of the DirectX error and like you, l have tried all the solutions you and many others have outlined.

l actually thought l’d found the solution for MW2 DirectX crashes last week which l had hoped would perhaps have helped you or others reading this thread.  

Sadly, despite gaming for a number of hours last week with no issues, last night they returned. I friggin give up grrrrrrrrrr!

Just trying to help you and others out buddy…