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Journeyman III

7900 GRE freeezes randomly for 5 seconds

I have 2 plattforms running am5 and am4, which is a Ryzen 5700x + RX 6700 XT  and ryzen 7700xt + RX 7900 GRE. Both running Ubuntu 23.10 and Lutris.
Despite the RX 6700 being labeled as WQHD card on release, i was disappointed by the perfomrance in wow legacy raids one year after I purchased it.

And because I asssumed to try out some AAA games later last year, I invested in the am5 platform.
But unfotunately it turned out, that i am mostly sticking to wow classic hardcore, which is far from being a demanding game.

For sure I used the am5 system for higher framerates and all glossy things enabled. But it turned out, that once or twice per evening, the card gets a 6 to 10 seconds hickup or freeze. Which is quite tempting on hc, considering hardbeat and bloodpressure. This only occured on the am5 plattform, once or twice during 2 h Gaming sessions. So I switched the GPUs between the  systems. Still the 7900 GRE has thew same issue, now on the AM 4 System. Now I switched back to the am5 System with Ryzen 7700xt and RX 6700 XT. Which feels a bit odd.

Mangohud values for WQHD on both systems: 
 RX 6700 XT GPU: ~40% / CPU: ~4 - 5%
RX 7900 GRE GPU: ~25% / CPU: ~4 - 5%

So the golden Rabbit is definetly in a bored state and far from power or temp limits.
GRE is sitting in a Hyte Revolt and the 6700XT in a Silverstone SUGO 16, which by far has less access to fresh air and exhausts for the GPU, then the HYTE. 

Can anyone giva a hint or has an idea whats happening to the GRE?
Or is there a known issue with the linux driver?

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Adept I

well i have the 7900 GRE paired with a 14700K and windows 11 and it kicks ass!!!! can't help you with Linux never used it... BUT the 24.2.1 drivers don't like the GRE when using AFMF.

besides that, I'm having no issues.


I have send it in to the distributor and got back a new one. Now the problem had not occured again. 
So it seems, the specific card had an hanrdware issue.

And from all other points of view, the card performs very well!