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Adept I

6900XT random reboots in some games

my system specs are  AMD 5950X CPU, Non overclocked,  ASUS TUF X570 Motherboard,  32 GB Corsair LPX DDR4 memory 3200,  6900XT Reference design and a Corsair RMX1000w PSU 


The system was fine at 1080p connected to a monitor with an HDMI cable but when I upgraded to a 1440p and connected via a display port cable the problems started in games like Doom Eternal and Dead by Daylight while other games like Control seem fine,   

In the problem games the system will randomly reboot and create an Kernel Power 41 error,  The reboots seem random,  Sometimes within 5 minutes of starting the game, other times it'll be fine for close to an hour before rebooting.

At first I thought the GPU was faulty so I got that RMA'd but the system still exhibitied the fault,  So the company who built it had it in for repair,  They changed the PSU and Motherboard but the reboots still continue,  

At this point I am unsure what could be causing it

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Adept I

Same exact issue on my XFX MERC319 6900 XT Black Edition, R7 5800X. Corsair 32GB 3200mhz, ROG B550-E, 850w Corsair PSU.

I too play Dead by Daylight and it happens more randomly in that game from 15 minutes to 2 hours of play, sometimes never, and when Raytracing is enabled in Dying Light 2, it can happens from 15 min to an hour of playtime, it also happens in some other games but rarely.

It's been 7 months now since I've got my PC and still no solution,

Things I've tried and had no help:

Uninstalling and reinstalling Radeon drivers, trying older ones, newer BETA drivers using DDU for a clean driver.

Completely reinstalling Windows.

Checking both CPU and GPU temps and they are more than fine.

Swapping ram slots.

Turning off D.O.C.P.

Trying out a different PSU.

Switching PCI-E cables.

Tried undervolting the GPU for more stable clocks.

Enabling/Disabling SAM in BIOS.

Leaving CSM on (as it turns itself on with each reboot)


When the reboots do happen, It doesn't actually boot back to windows, monitor won't get a signal and the VGA light on my motherboard would be on, indicating that there is no GPU connected, so when it happens, I have to manually shut down the PC and turn it back on. It also turns on CSM in BIOS which means Smart Access Memory goes off, and I have to turn off CSM in order to be able to use SAM again.

Please for the love of god, somebody help.



Have you ensured you are using a DP cable that can support both the resolution and refresh rate of your monitors.

I think I recall other DP cable users solving this issue on 144Hz and 165Hz monitors by running the 1.4D or B version of the DP cable.


I'm using HDMI not DP, the HDMI cable that came with my monitor which is an ASUS TUF VG259QM 1080p 280HZ, however by default it runs on 240HZ and needs to be tweaked in it's settings to overcloack to 280HZ.


My monitor a ViewSonic 50" 4K UHD OLED Smart monitor has a FPS of 240 at 1080p and down 120 at 2K and down and 60 at 4K and down.

In stress tests on my Power Color Demon RX 6900 XT anytime the FPS went over 200Hz I started getting a host of graphical glitches (I use a 240Hz HDMI cable).

I turned on Radeon Chill and put my max FPS to 160 and min to 60Hz.

All my graphics issues stopped except for most of my Steam early access games. I get constant screen tearing and its been a constant issue with their game developers. I get low normal thermal temps and SSD GPU CPU RAM usage never go above 34% in these games. FPS is steady but the screen tearing makes playing these games impossible.

I've tried the last GPU configuration that worked on these games (2 RX 590's) and the problem is there to.

I reached out to the game support and when I finally did get responses they treated me like I was lying to them and now they just ignore my help request. I got in contact with Steam Legal and they say it's a personal issue between me and the game developer.

So your issue could be the games themselves or the Platforms they run through. They could be caused by interference from MicroSoft and their outdated driver support. There may even be issues with the particular game server you play through being overpopulated. Computer hardware is in high demand and these servers require constant maintenance and equipment replacement. There are a lot of real world factors to consider. 

Try adjusting your PC to lower resolutions (not exceeding 1080p and 120FPS) and see if that helps resolve matters.

Every PC is different you just gotta find that sweet spot that your build operates best in.


This is basically been happening to my PC!! except i have RX 6800 xt and in Destiny 2! other games are fine, it mostly happen when I'm playing Destiny 2 (specifically when I'm raiding with friends). but ya, same thing will happen all temperatures from GPU, CPU, both ssd are completely just a little above average! but it will randomly shutdown and then turn on itself, but no display, with white light on, on the mobo. had to do a manual restart to actually turn on the system again. been happening since October 2021, still no solution. would love to know what's really causing it!