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Adept I

6900XT Game Stuttering only when active window.

As the subject reads, when some games becomes the active window, performance tanks hard. Smite, Overwatch 2, but not Guild Wars 2. If I tab to a window on the other monitor, or just hit the start button to bring up that, performance returns to expected levels. 

On Overwatch 2, I can even mouse over things and the game will respond fine on the menus, but if I click (thus making it the active window) performance becomes less than 1 frame per second. Tabbing out returns the frame rate to 60fps as per the game counter on the main menu. 

I have tried reinstalls, factory resets, DDU, clearing shader cache, nothing helps. Installing my old Vega 64 cleared the issue right up... but that entirely sidesteps the problem. The 6900XT worked up until sometime in May when this problem first arose. I even ended up RMAing the card but it checked out fine. 

Currently running Windows 11 (10.0.22621.2283)
Adrenalin 23.9.1 (but problem exists on older drivers as well)
CPU 5950X on a 570X, 64GB 3600

Its gotta be something really simple as the games run fine, so long as they are background processes. I even disabled bluetooth cause sometimes that can be all sorts of wonky. And again, everything works as expected with a Vega 64 in the box. What changed? Probably a Windows update, but I am not certain which one.

Thanks for any insight on this!

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