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Adept I

6900 xt artifacts

I have several artifacts with this Graphic card.


My hardware:

  • Gigabyte z370 Gaming 5
  • Intel i5 8600k + Deepcool Captain 240 EX RGB
  • Corsair LPX 48Go
  • Corsair HX 850 Watts Platinum
  • Samsung 980 Plus M2 - 500gb (primary)
  • Crucial CT240BX500SSD1 
  • Intel SSD D3-S4510
  • 2 HDD

My issue:

I have a lot of artifacts on all 3D games.


What I tried to fix it:

  • PSU single or multi-rail
  • Rx6900 xt underVolt or not (with the radeon app)
  • Rx6900 xt fans max speed or automatic
  • 2 differents DP cables
  • Quality low or Ultra
  • Single or Multi-screens
  • QHD or FHD
  • Motherboard bios upgrade
  • several AMD drivers
  • AMD drivers with or whithout AMD Radeon Software

Do you have suggestions, about what I can try to fix this issue?

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Adept I

What I tried (update):

  • Reduce Max Frequency (50%)

yeah , if you didn't overclock you gpu , then artefacts is certainly caused by defective gpu/vram ... great chances to have to rma ... that's the only case where i think there is nothing to search too far

I think you are righ...

Warranty Request in progress.


Have you some return about rma of the amd's shop?

Currently, I have one answer by day. And to be honnest... useless answer.

Community Manager

Does look like a faulty GPU. Please let us know if the replacement resolves the issue. 


I'm waiting answer of the support, I hope they will propose a replacement

That's not funny anymore. The last requests:
* clean boot
* reinstall windows

And I did it.

This GPU is defective :

I understand all the requests of the support, but if the support answer only one time a day, a good solution should be to give all the test in one time

If someone may help me:
Service Request:8201103284


And now for the second time, they request me to test in another computer.

That’s crazy 


I have looked into this for you and can see that your RMA was approved. I will lock this discussion and if you have any further queries regarding your RMA please respond to your service request. 

If you experience issues with your replacement, please open a new discussion.