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Journeyman III

6800xt stutters no matter what I do

This is driving me insane. I live in a third world country and this GPU was ridiculously expensive here, I feel like I've thrown money out the window (i do realize maybe the GPU isn't even to blame and the problem lies elsewhere), i really hope someone here is able to help me identify the problem. 

Doesn't matter the game i get stutters, GPU usage/clock oscillating. In borderlands 3 GPU usage sometimes is 99-98  ( fps between 140- 160) then suddenly drops to 70-80 (for a few seconds) and in doing so, it drags my fps down with it, to 100-120. Really annoying and really noticeable.

Even playing lol, my fps drops from 165 to 150 sometimes... 

Death stranding (director's cut) doesn't even use my GPU to the fullest ( i really don't know if it's GPU or the game itself, but GPU usage NEVER reaches 70-80-90% it's mostly sitting between 30-60% awful fps, sometimes reaching 40-50)

Mobo: Asus tuf x570 gaming plus/BR (bios 4408)

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x (stock)

Ram: Trident Z  2x8 3200Mhz cl 16 18 18 38

PSU: xpg core 850W

GPU: Red devil 6800xt (driver 22.11.2)

Case: lianli Lancool 215

Monitor 1 (used for gaming): Dell s2721dgf 1440p 165Hz (connected via display portcable that came in monitor's box)

Monitor 2  gigabyte g27sa (mostly used to monitor temperatures using hwmonitor)

On adrenalin pretty much the only thing on is freesync and SAM, everything else (anti lag, chill, enhanced sync is off)

5600x temps never reach 70, sitting at 55-60 most of the time ( considering the fact that it's really hot where I live, I'd say they're pretty good)

6800xt sitting between 50-70 edge (hotspot tends to get hotter while playing borderlands 3, it reaches 103°, after that it went back to 97-98. Temps in other games are not that high)

GPU is connected to Psu using two separate cables instead of daisy chain one

All games installed on name (gammix s70 blade)

Here's what I've tried so far:

  • Windows fresh install
  • Disabling docp
  • Updated bios from 4404 to 4408
  • Mpo fix
  • Ulps disabled 
  • Auto oc on Ryzen master
  • High performance power plan
  • Balanced power plan
  • Setting frame target limit of 1000 on adrenalin
  • Undervolt to 1075 mV
  • Setting max frequency to 2450 and min to 2350
  • Power limit +15
  • Windows gaming mode off
  • Xbox game bar disabled 

If you have any more suggestions, please, let me know. Please, I'm tired of these stutters, it breaking the immersion in games 



(The GPU results I was able to get after undervolt, setting min/max clocks and power limit +15, before that I got 19300)





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