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Adept I

6800XT instability at default clocks

Recently been having issues with my 6800XT randomly crashing in all games and consistently in 3Dmark after 10 mins or so and instantly in Plague Tale Requiem. If I reduce the max frequency to 1600Mhz the crashing stops. Running the latest driver 22.11.2. And latest windows 11 update. Is this a known driver issue or is my card dying? I don't get crash logs of any kind. Just black screen and then restart. Its not RAM or CPU as these have also been eliminated as a factor the error follows the card. Have also tried fresh windows 10 with only GPU driver and Plague Tale through steam and the problem persists.

Thank you,


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Journeyman III

Seems there might be a potentially catastrophic issue with that driver.

Also for anyone that doesn't follow JayzTwoCents on YT - the attached is worth a look:

Yea, I rolled back as soon as the news came out. But the problems persist. I'm concerned that the driver may have caused lasting damage. Hope if this is the case I can get a warranty replacement. 


ok you can install 22.11.2 and stop worrying about it , these video are stupid just made to instigate fear and doubts , this is poor marketing by ignorance, they just speaking another guy that repairs gpu that said things he couldn't even explain .. but lot of people said gpu where in bad shape and this can't be made by drivers

maybe give more info about you entire system

if crash stops while reducing frequency , maybe you have a power issue ..

what is your psu and how is your gpu connected to psu ? (2 cables separated or 1 cable with 2 connectors ?)


I mean, I'm an electronic engineer so I do understand that a driver is unlikely if not impossible to cause damage (especially not to the level that is shown in the videos) but what is the downside to rolling back? Basically none so why not roll back till more information is available. Not trying to spread misinformation, just being cautious till more is known. 

The rest of my system is a R9 5900X with a B550 Tomahawk. Corsair RM850X PSU with 2 separate 8 pin cables for the GPU. Have been running the card for over a year on the PSU with power draw exceeding 300W at times (I used the +15% power limit on the custom card but am water cooled so temps are very low). I am using Phanteks cable extensions so my next step is to try removing them as they may have degraded over the year.

There is no doubt that the cracked GPUs are not caused by the driver. But my problems did start after the driver update so even separate to the rumours rolling back can't be wrong as a trouble shooting step.



22.11.2 is whql ... the principle of being "up to date" because , drivers have changed and have improved ... just that in my view .. 22.11.2 are out for a long time... they have been more serious videos on this subject ...and you know it's bs (i'm responding to the first part of your post)

ok thanks for detailed system ...what are these phanteks extensions cable for ? i don't know that

... watercooled gpu ok .., you checked temps , but even with high temps should only throttle not crash ...

i would check ram at default  too, ..any cpu oc ?

and then if possible maybe try with a friend's psu if possible ?


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Adept I

To update,

Removed the cable extensions for the GPU 8 pins. Problems seem to have mostly resolved. My running theory is that the cables were only rated for 150W per cable as some 8 pins are. The 6800XT is capable of drawing 330W plus under certain conditions which over time may have degraded the cables to the point that they started causing problems under the variable, spiky power draw when launching games. Still getting random crashes at desktop occasionally but that could just be driver funkiness. Thanks for the help.