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Journeyman III

6700xt flicking issue cont...

yes, this is a RANT! but I'm tired of using OLD driver! AMD please get your shiit together!

I've been seeing this issue continue since last year. after multiple driver update, Its very disappointing to see this issue still not fixed. also knowing full well that this issue is also specific to certain graphics card, knowingly - 6700XT. Why AMD cannot fixed this issue after nearly a year is difficult to understand. Perhaps their focus has moved to on 6800x series!!

Reading the driver fixes list and "know issue" lists clearly mentions 6700xt with flickering issue as know issue, I have seen this know issue listed in every driver update after 22.5.1 but poorly still not resolved.

I hate to say it but, I purchased 6700xt at the height of graphics card scarcity, payed £700 quit for it but to see AMD FAIL to fix issue like this with specific graphics card and continue to turn blind eye (maybe) really makes me sad I support AMD!!

So, AMD – can you fix it by 2024! Let’s hope so!

Till then 22.5.1 will have to do! 

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