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Journeyman III

5700xt static screen/screen goes black

Bought, uninstalled/installed drivers, first with amd cleanup and later i tried again with ddu.
GPU Graphics Card Issue - Black Screen With Static - CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme GXIVR8020A4 PC - YouT... 
It does this and i honestly have no idea, why, why??? It does that when PC boots up, when i start a game, when i go back from screensaver. Also when playing a game, screen randomly goes black for 1s all the time, mostly in cutscenes. There are also random pixels everywhere, it also used to make my monitor to go into safe mode, have no idea why it stoppped. I switched hdmi cabel, didn't work.
But if i plug PC to TV instead of monitor, it doesn't do that at all. Neither there any problems if i put back my old gpu.

Just want to ask, anybody know what it might be? This is just so tiresome.

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I'm having very similar issues

It does this on my new Samsung c32hg70

I tested a different computer on that monitor, and it worked without issue

haven't had a chance to swap GPUs and see if that's what it is

Going to do some more troubleshooting tomorrow to see what the exact source is, but I'm feeling that it is the 5700xt that is the issue.


I had a similar problem, I have a 144hz monitor, but I had to set it to 120hz then it was better, there are problems with the drivers

So it's not the gpu being faulty, right? Just drivers, now. 


I have one more week to return the gpu. I rather wouldn't, but i am really grabbing the straw here, just don't know how to fix it. 

Adept III

I don't know whose fault it was, I spent 16 days to work properly, today I sent my graphics card to the store