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Journeyman III

5700xt - hdmi doesnt handle tv screen


so in last month i've updated my pc. And now i wanted to use my tv as mirror image to play games/watch movies. And i've got problem due to my 5700xt i guess, because through hdmi my 5700xt doesn't recognize my tv (or can't hold it).

I've got 144hz monitor with freesync so i try to disable freesync, lower refresh rate and it doesn't work. It only appears for sec when i've got plugged in hdmi calbe and turning on tv. Like on videos below: and tv just appear for second. Is there any secret option in drivers or windwos options?

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Adept I

My 5700 XT doesn't seem to like my Samsung 4k TV. By turning on GPU scaling in radeon settings (under display tab) helps a little but it still acts strange sometimes with black screens and stuff. I have similar setup to you with my other display a 144hz freesync.

Previously my Nvidia card worked with this TV no issue at all, makes me really regret switching to AMD. When the card works properly it gives nice performance but it's not worth all these stupid driver issues.


There are many topics on this already. Make sure to report the issue to AMD:

Journeyman III

Yes i reported issue. Hope they will fix it fast. Coz i would like to lie down and play/watch something on tv.