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Journeyman III

5700 XT Default Clocks issue

Hi, I have a situation which I am sure someone is just gonna end up explaining plainly to me but I'm no computer wiz so I must post about this so I am fully satisfied.

Anyway, I recently in the last 2 weeks have purchased a Gigabyte 5700xt OC card. Everything is working perfectly, all titles that I wanted to play on this GPU eg. Red dead redemption 2, The Witcher 3, The Division 2 working beyond my expectation and I was delighted until I tried to run CSGO and rocket league. Both games would have the screen go black but the audio was still working fine. I had seen around forums that its an issue common in unstable overclocks. I have never overclocked this card however I do have MSI Afterburner installed. The clocks shown were quiet a bit higher than what the advertised. 2049 core clock at 1166mV. I will attach the image of MSI afterburner, I have made presets shown in the image which are necessary for me to play the likes of CS:GO and rocket league without crashed, for example, a drop to the advertised clock of 1905 MHz at 1050mV.

I am delighted that for whatever reason the card is performing fine at these clocks for some games, however, if I didn't know anything about computers and clocks and stuff I would have found this very frustrating to solve. 

I would simply like to ask if there is some explanation on why the card is running those clocks and is it safe to be doing so because so far for the big titles such as RDR 2 that default clock seems to be running fine. SEEMS to be...

Note: I always use MSI afterburner and I don't know if maybe it is what's causing this default overclock. I have not tried wattman as I am used to this program. If I reset the GPU to the default preset that what I get (2049, 1166mV).

Thanks in advance 

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Adept I


If you play in  1080p, downclocking issue is a problem since the launch (SO 5 MONTHS ISSUE) of the 5700xt (just google it) : 

In the latest driver AMD says they fixed the issue : 

But it's not.

They best fix for most people seems to return the card and buy a 2070 super.

Personnaly, i had hopes that they could fix it, or at least just allow the card to play at max frequencies (with a button/slider)...


Thanks for reply

Been reading a few posts did not see that one

I play the story games on a 1440p monitor and they all work fine and it seems like it is a case of just 1080p games which run beyond the 100 fps mark which just turn my screen black. Honestly not even for a second considering Nvidia just cause I have a friend who owns a 2070 super and this performs on par with it if not sometimes better than the Nvidia counterpart, that's when there arent any issues. I got this card on sale for 370 euros so just gonna wait out for a fix, hopefully. Thanks again for links and help

Also just noticed there will be a new AMD update later today so might see some changes.