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Journeyman III

32:9 aspect ratio support

as the subject of the post suggest i'm wondering if we can ever expect 32:9 aspect ratio support

i went from a rtx 2070 super to a phantom rx 6950 xt and while i am happy with the performance upgrade it in certain parts feels like a downgrade

- rsr does not exist with 32:9 since max support is 21:9 while dldsr supported 32:9 no problem

- gpu scaling has problems in a few games if i run my monitor with my native resolution gets solved if i use like picture to picture to force it to run as 2 16:9 monitors luckily this problem is not in the majority of games

- amd freesync premium pro can cause kernel panic bluescreens in certain games even while not frequent i observed it over some time with it on and off with the games that do blue screen and when turned off the bsods also disappear

all these problems weren't there on the rtx 2070 super hench why i think the freesync problem is also related to my aspect ratio

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