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Adept I

2 Monitor setup - Monitor number 2 sometimes turns on and off

Hello there, 

I got a weird problem with my 2 monitor setup that sometimes when turn on the PC or even when the pc goes to sleep and come back the monitor number 2 just starts looping on and off. The 2 monitors are both freesync, 144hz and 1080p. 

The only way i managed to stop it from looping its disconnect the DP port and connect again. Magically all starts to work perfectly fine after that. 

Have someone got any similar issue or got some solution for that?


System : 

Ryzen 3700x 

5700 XT Saphire reference model Driver ( 20.1.1) 


3200mhz Nighthawk 16GB RAM 


nvme WD black 250gb

PSO HUMMER gold rated 750W .

Monitors : 

HP 25x 144hz 1080p freesync

Asus VG279 144hz 1080p freesync 

Both Connected with Display port 

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Adept I

Yes I have this same problem as well. My setup is 3 monitors. I have an Acer 27inch 1080p monitor at 75hz as a tertiary screen running off of HDMI. I have a dell 32 inch 1440p 165hz main monitor running off of DP and then an HP omen 25 144hz 1080p secondary monitor also running off of DP. The HP omen will do this every time I turn the machine on or wake it up until I unplug the DP cable and plug it back in. I have tried different cables thinking it was the cable. I also tried switching that monitor to HDMI and it still does it. I tried disabling freesync, and enhanced sync and all of the other features in Radeon settings, issue still continues. I will get random green dots appearing on that monitor only while this is happening. As soon as I unplug the DP cable and plug it back in, it all goes away and works as expected until I shut down again. I also get artifacting horizontal lines in games but only in menus if vsync is disabled. If I enable vsync, they don't happen. They never happen during gameplay, only in game menus when moving the mouse around. It also did this in Furmark benchmarking when moving the mouse. I have tried just about every fix I could find on google and the forums and still no help, even DDU and then fresh drivers, rolling back to old drivers. I have both of these issues on 19.12.1, 19.12.2, 19.12.3, 20.1.1, 20.1.2, and 20.1.3. Full specs are below for me:

XFX Radeon 5700xt

R5 2600

16gbs Gskill RGB ram @3000mhz

Rosewill Hive 750 watt bronze psu

Asus Rog Strix B350F motherboard running the latest bios. 

Acer S271hl 1080p 75hz freesync monitor

Dell S3220 DGF 1440p 165hz freesync monitor

HP Omen 25 1080p 144hz freesync monitor

Hello luke, 

Well it seems like im not alone here. Today i DDU fresh install to 19.12.2 driver ( safe mode, internet off ) . Amd says this is the recomended and the more stable one.

Lets  wait do see how it hangs on , until now had no more problems. 


I have tried 19.12.2 and I had the issue there as well as with the new 20 series drivers. I did find an interesting read today I am going to try this evening. I will let you know what I find after toying with it some more. This was quoted from another post here on the forums but I don't remember the post now. Sorry about that. 

From Other Forum Post:

"Sorry I forgot to post back here, but I managed to fix the problem by going into the Display Settings > Overrides and turned off HDCP. Restarted and it fixed the issue. 


Hopefully the same thing fixes your issue, let me know. "


Hi There,

me again. So I found this interesting. I came home here and tested disabling HDCP support on the monitor that was having the issue which was my HP omen at 144hz. After disable HDCP and rebooting, not a single issue. I have rebooted the system about 5 or 6 times now trying to get the artifacting and flashing to come back on first boot and I cannot get it to happen. I also tried fully shutting down and then turning back on via the power button. It worked fine as you would normally expect and the issue is gone. This is on driver 20.1.3. If you are still having the issue I would suggest going into the Radeon Settings software, going to options and then display and find the monitor your having problems with, go to overrides and then disable HDCP if it is enabled. Hope it helps. 

Adept I

Thank you luke, i will try that.

Hopefully this problem is solved after that , is really annoying dealing with this. 

I will let u know if anythign changes .