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Journeyman III

1728 x 1080 custom res help please :[

Hi guys I just installed a 6700xt Red Devil edition and was super excited. I replaced a 1070ti but I always play on 1728 x 1080 res for apex.

This was super easy on Nvidia and for the life of me I cant even get this to work. Can Somebody please help me. I have a 1920x1080 280 hz monitor and I would love to sit around that number in a consistent fashion. I know the card performs but this has literally killed my vibe and kept me from even playing at all. Thank you all so much I truly cant do this without you guys I am stuck as can be. Love and peace

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Adept I

Adept I

thank you very much, as you show, you need to type in ALL the Numbers up and also down in the second text field,and then it applies without a warning message. 

Greetings from Germany - GRACIAS !