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Thoughts about ReCaptcha's

It is called reCAPTCHA and while it doesn't prevent robots, androids, bots or terminators to spam messages, it does prevent normal people from sending them.

Since everyone here is a registered person, there is no need for this _ _ _ _.

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Google knows only one thing, how to make search engines.

Chrome is popular, but not very good
Android/Playstore is full of malware
Youtube was bought by Google, they would have been unable to create one
ChromeOS is <not going to say it>
Google OneDrive GUI is terrible and I have read people losing their files because it is so counter intuitive to use.
Google Docs is like a 1990 program compared to competition

Google is basically a one trick pony and should stick to the only thing they know how to do.

I agree 100%. I posted on the twitch login about and you said everything I wanted to say. Do you wonder how many sales companies have lost due to this CAPTCHA?

Good job.


I have problem with that every day when I want to use browser recaptcha will appear but I did find way around it.