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Journeyman III

Terrible performance with my new setup. PLEASE HELP

It's over a year now...

PC Specs:

Ryzen 5 1600AF @ Stock

B450M Steel Legend

PowerColor RX 580 8GB @ Stock

2 x 8 GB Crucial Ballistix @3200MHZ CL16

CV450 Corsair


Stable 300MB internet connection


I get stuttering in everygame! CSGO, Valorant and League of Legends.

In FPSs it's weird: when I create an offline map I can play tha game as smooth as I want. In both games the fps average is 200+.

When I go to competitive matches or deathmatch, i get the amount of stuttering that makes the game unplayable.

Temps are fine. Both processor and gpu 60ºC in the games.

Tried installing MSI Afterburner to monitor the ingame GPU and CPU performance and it occurs that, when offline, i get all the performance i need. Max Clocks in CPU, GPU, temperatures raising as expected.

When going online, the clocks start to oscilate and the GPU usage goes really low.

Tried tons of things:

-Billions of windows fresh installs;

-Older win10 versions;

-Older AMD GPU drivers;

-Installing the amd drivers selection "Driver Only" option;

-Disabling fullscreen optimizations;

-Disabling HPET;

-Intelligent Standby Memory Cleaner;

-Updating BIOS;

-Different displays;

-Disabling SMT;

-Disabling C-State on bios;

-Overclocking a bit CPU and GPU;

-Changing Windows Registry to increase performance;

-Changing Affinity;

-Changing Priority;

-Disabling XBOX DVR;

-Changing RAM Clocks;

-Setting GPU powerlimit +50%;

-Locking the clocks manually;

-Disabling ULPS;

-And other things i dont remember right now.

I had 3200g + a320m and had the stutters too. So I upgraded to 1600AF + B450M. Nothing changed.

Hardware in Brazil are really, really expensive... I spent like 6k ~ 7k to buy this setup and it just does not work properly.

Please help me.