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RISC isnt a computer and is not math AMD are real computers I can show proof

bit like previous.rar ~ pixeldrain

Maths is assigning values to things. if a config.ini named text file doesnt change values and let you use numbers like 9, 99 or 200 or 3 or 8.. then it isnt a computer and its not math.. it must also algebra and support all letters as like infinite things or maths constants or whatever.. with nvidia and intel its all 1.0 or 0. theres fake less than 1.0 which is called high 0.1 or 0.0001 or 0.0001 its mediums and lows and 0's or theres just the regular quality.. theres no ultra or any of that nonsense. With AMD though theres REAL bit depth and uses real cameras. Photographs are NOT 2D the paper we print them on is. A camera captures more than X Y Z.. it captures aperture and shutterspeed and ISO which is the radiation particles data and we know the speed of light, so distance and other things like focus and exposure levels and whitebalance and histogram data. how many higher than 3D is that? a simple camera like the cheapest digital dash cam or webcam might though a simple opencamera API have like half the alphabet of dimensions of radiation data to reality emulate with. but camera can also capture all other forms of radiation.. you can use maths based on the wave forms and particles data and knowing light speed can calculate distances and record the angles and other things.. and using all the maths in the universe ZEN CORE.. can determine how that photo looks in the real world. Because our universe is what we call 3D that means a camera recording the light of our universe and all other radiation data every type of particle and wave form physical means to convey perception like electromagnetic fields ANYTHING we would call TRUE AUDIO like on the box of every radeon card.. the camera captures in whatever our universe looks like dimensions and how we see and hear it.. so your AMD computer which is maths.. then 1:1 reproduces it and can use math to make it be like it. The RNA and DNA of cells and the valency ions neutrons electrons protons.. they have like certain uhh chemistry or look or feel or compounds. the render software has a materials library.. which is for photography for light.. so you can 3D substance a reality together.. and the maths like golden ratio or other things for light behaviour and camera settings.. are how that video game will look like.. all this you can do with a playstation 2 and an EYE toy.. see the PS2's LIGHT SHAFTS and GODRAYS raymarching (its better than ray tracing) and MIXED REALITY (later called AUGMENTED REALITY OR VR)

So if you use AMD computers with real numbers real instant infinite algebra and equations and numbers that are bigger and better than 0 or 1.. and you use lots of photography terms and other things and the right words and equations you should be able to have a great RNA DNA reality emulation going on. with like dual aperture i guess infinity dimensional tessellated worldspace reservoir and stuff.. you get the point. So game studios at microsoft take nvidias fake 1.0 and 0 bit depth 0 aperture.. and type in TURN 10 so you can game better on AMD.. like look at FORZA motorsport game developer called TURN 10 STUDIOS.. was the game made by 9 year olds? or was nvidia and intel? but see other game developers like quantic dream who had great graphics. because well rainbows or computers using radiation data like light or optical SPDIF cable or whatever like sound or audio.. true sound and true photography like a DSLR.. means that you cant do these things with intel or nvidia if you do its not real time it takes ages of lots of puny 0's or 1's to pretend 1.0 with no aperture to pencil in lines and draw in pretend light instead of just use real light data and real particles and real radiation with real physics. When using real radiation data with computers its called QUANTUM COMPUTING. so you must like turn10 studios convert all that binary trash for fake not computers into not just a true 10 or a true billions or trillions.. you must crank them up to reality mathematically so you can pretend to begin to use any sort of AMD computer ever since the cheapest digital sound cards or cheapest digital cameras or analog 70's TV's and stuff which used CATHODE RAYS as in radiation data.. 


heres my recent attempt at a config file. if its not working your 90% certain to not have a computer or not have an OS or its been disabled. make sure to buy your 'computers' from AMD for home consumer anything. like the AMD store.. not the african brazillian store! I am sick of having to guess what people disabled or words they deleted or prevented from working and having to type them back in or put them on several times for it to work. this time i put back worldspace reservoir


just because i know what a 70's TV is and how it works or know what a camera is or a microphone is or at least know those things exist.. and understand like primary school and year 7 high school pseudo sciences.. and can read the words NOT A COMPUTER on the box and CANT USE WINDOWS on every intel and nvidia product saying things like "COMPATIBLE" instead of COMPLIANT.. you think i cant read the numbers and words on boxes of the RDNA hardware and the maths from a MATHEMATICIAN and understand what it means?! I when younger always thought that it wasnt a zencore with ALL of the maths or that because the CYRIX CPU couldnt do 3D maths the bit depth and 3D werent possible magazines claimed 32bit and 64bit werent possible for decades to come when u could buy AMD 64bit CPU's or dual core ones for decades already.. turns out its coz the idiots keep trying to sell fake hardware thats probably pre 1900's trash abandoned that was popular for being obscenely cheap and fake and could be made from or for the cheapest household junk. open an old vacuum cleaner or music player and bunch of new computers from nvidia and intel was the thinking behind it.. run some old IBM commerce cash register database business software code thats basically just for the cheapest cashregisters or dummy terminals then revisit it and pretend its called C then pretend thats a new thing called C++ but its all just beating the same NOT COMPUTERS dead horses dead donger. Your camera should have a real aperture and the radiation data through the aperture and reproducing it IS called THE WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM.. it uses Xray tech like DIRECTX or DIRECT3D which is millions more complex than regular light in regular photos.. in ... windows 98/XP like actually since before the windows OS and probably DOS.. so uhh yeah.. i dont know how to say this but quit wrecking my **bleep** and go fix all your stuff you dumbasses.

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