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Radeon VII Lacks UEFI Support

So if you have one, you must go to the manufacturers webpage (ASRock, Sapphire, etc...) and update it, although since they're all reference editions, best way might be to go to ASRock' s page and use their update process, they have an easy executable.,38592.html

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Wonder if this is true for there models sold directly from AMD as well?

Give me $700 and I'll find out

Trying to imagine explaining that to the wife.  I don't think it would go over well.


I have a Radeon VII I purchased on this web site directly from AMD arriving Friday (tomorrow). I wonder if it has the updated uefi bios? AMD has not posted the corrected bios on this website as they promised. I will not use the Asrock corrected bios as it does not have the one-click installation progress that AMD has promised . why has AMD failed to post the updated vbios on this website?????

Um, yes they have.

   Thanks I was looking over the site earlier and even did a site

search with "Radeon VII bios" and nothing came up. Take care my man.

For the record, I installed my Radeon VII directly from AMD, and it did indeed have the V105 BIOS installed.  I ran the 64bit executable from the link to upgrade to V106, disabled CSM, and it booted up without any issues.

  Why the v 1.06 bios???? Nobody has said what it improves on???


V106 is the UEFI compatible.  V105 requires CSM to boot.


I believe you are wrong. My product did not ship with 1.05 biodegradable. It was an earlier version. 1.05 is what AMD put on their website to solve the UEFI problem and that is why I downloaded it. Then a couple of days later they uploaded v 1.06 with no comment. That is the factual account. Perhaps 1.05 had some other issue. Or it had come minor issue of some sort.Sent from Samsung tablet