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Adept II

Is anyone sick of the User Benchmark blatant lies against AMD!

  The other day I was doing a bunch of overclocking with my 5950x and Rx 6950xt and I got some high scores I think around 234% on my GPU and I noticed they were taking my benches down like 24hrs later so I started surfing around and doing research and I noticed that everything I read was an attack on AMD and making claims that were just flat lies and I also noticed there score system is Biased and the scores I seen are under what everyone else gets so I think AMD needs to file a lawsuit what do you think?

Adam J Martin
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  Or sued for Slanderous lies!!!

Adam J Martin

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Adept III

You just learned about how biased UserBenchmark actually is. 

For example 

RX 6750XT vs RTX 3070. Rtx only have better lighting and reflection results (yeah, DX9 and RTX for ya). But it actually MUCH worse in ANY of 4 other measurements. Yet average bench for 3070 is 153%, while for 6750XT is 129%. Just for DX9 lighting and reflections. 


Not to say their CPU bench, which takes about 95% of single core score and 5% of multicore. 

And how much BS he writes under any AMD entry. These literally seep with... if not hatred, than with unreasonable disguist towards company. 

You technically can use results from it. But don't trust any relative % performance number it outputs, as they are heavily biased. (Well maybe only within category of your specific hardware). You can kind of use flat numbers though (like FPS or raw CPU points output)

  No, I haven't just learned its just I am getting sick of the bold lies against AMD and no one seems to want to fact check them either and it gets much deeper like you pointed out the RX 6000 series GPU on user bench are lies as well I have benched these cards myself and can't ever come up with the numbers they get unless I de-clock these cards and their processor Benches for AMD are just flat lies and even regular everyday people are noticing. So, what i would like to see is AMD or some youtubers pickup on this and make sure the public knows not to take user bench seriously because of how biased they are and if you go there and look at their comments on the new Ryzen 7600xt it's like there is a crazy kid writing for them lol.

Adam J Martin

Once you learn Usertrashmark is nothing but a clown show, you'll go on about your day. I saw the 2080 Ti beating the 6800 XT and the 11600k beating the 5950x, that's all I needed to see, lol. You can love a brand or product, but please, don't be a fanboy clown to a detriment, lol.

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if you use benchmarking software no matter how many trillions of times better than the best scores you get.. it wont show up online.. it will report generic defaults for your hardware they lied about from the start. your computer will later brick itself and should you throw it out or sell it i'd imagine someone claims it somehow and then years later intel will release a new hardware feature and name it some nonsense.. or some overclocking record will be broken by a 14 year old retard.

Oh, I know all too well they deleted my scores I have a 5950X 16core 32thread paired with a RX 6950 XT and I pulled some amazing scores out of both of them as overclocking and tuning has been a hobby of mine for 13 years now but yea anyways, I noticed that my records were getting deleted and I'm not sure why but I'll tell you that the Biased activity that comes out of User Bench is Disturbing to say the least.

Adam J Martin
Adept I

User banch should be close for misleading people  

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  Or sued for Slanderous lies!!!

Adam J Martin
Adept II

AMD needs to sue them! you can't imagine how many impact this site has. Its always shows on top in google search if you looking for CPU vs CPU. Also, they changed the name AMD into "Advanced Marketing Device". thats just....


  I absolutely agree with you, the slanderous lies that user bench is creating causes Major Damage to AMD so I believe a lawsuit is in order to reduce some of the damages they have been causing over the years.

Adam J Martin
Adept I

Yeah thats why people who know their stuff dont take that biased site seriously. No clue why, maybe the owner's pure AMD rig blew up one time and hes had a huge hatred for everything AMD since?

 Yea, his hate for AMD is deep rooted to the point he is willing to risk everything just for one good jab at AMD, but my main concern is that not everyone is like you or me that know are stuff very well. Personally, I use 4 or five data points and a lot of benchmarking software before I make an informed decision to purchase a Processor or GPU for my system which I believe everyone should practice before making up their minds 

Adam J Martin
Adept II

I honestly just don't care. Only the ignorant will believe anything from that site. If anything, the search engines that promote that site in their results need to be made aware and demote it down off the front page for anything related to "benchmarks", "benchmarking", etc. and promote the sites criticism across the Internet when directly searched before anything else. It's a joke at this point and almost everyone is aware. Those who aren't will be eventually.