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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon Pro WX 2100 keeps disappearing or disabling

In November 2021 we purchased a new Dell Precision 3450 Small Form Factor with an AMD Radeon Pro WX 2100.

We are having nothing but problems.

The computer is set to sleep after 5 hours, and monitors to sleep after 20 minutes.

The computer and graphics card will be working great.  Dual monitors.

The monitors go to sleep.  When we come back 40 minutes later the monitors will NOT wake up.

But if I plug an HDMI monitor into the computer then we can see the AMD message "We are unable to detect an AMD Graphics product in your system." OR we go to Device Manager and find the AMD Graphics card is Disabled.

We have spent around 20 hours on the phone with Dell Technical support.  They have updated the Bios, update Windows 10, updated the Dell AMD driver, update the AMD drive.  We still have the same problem.

Dell replaced the AMD Graphics card......still the same problem.

Dell had us send the computer to the Dell Advance Resolution Center.  All they did was reimage the computer back to original state.  After setting the computer up again and have Dell support reapply all the updates and drivers......same problem.

Dell replaced the mother board.  Same problem.

Has anyone seen a problem like this?

Is there any log file or diagnostic file that can help find out what is going on??

Dell is now talking about replacing the entire computer.  But they sent us a laptop, which is not really a replacement for a desktop.

We have tried to fill in several "AMD Bug Reports".  Not clear if any of those have gone in.  The Bug report REQUIRES you to fill in things like what game you were play.  We were not doing anything.  The monitors went to sleep and after that the graphics cards is gone or disabled.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I do not see any link to a video.