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Journeyman III

AMD Memory R9 3000 Mhz

Pls, can anyone answer, is r9s48g3000U2S modules still actual? i had bought my new build in end of February  - and seller sold me this 8gb version. On first time to start up computer i was enough with it, but.. 2 month ago i started to search 1 more 8gb ram, and.. it is nowhere. Only 3200 and 2666 mhz versions. In whole my country, no one shop have it since February, and no one have option to NOTIFY WHEN IT WILL BE AWALIBLE. 

It option is still working for hardware that is 5,6 years old

And i cant find any information about IS IT STILL ACTUAL Rom, or it was stopped to manufacture / sell.

I am from Russia ( Ukr ) , and i can't buy it on ebay or other  eu/us shops coz they are not shipping to Russia.
TBH idk is AMD company still work in my country, or leave - i just see that i cant buy another ram, but that i bought - is fine and was at 250% expensive cost of it price. I dont want to buy new 2 slots of ram, that will be slower than  r9s48g3000U2S or much more expensive.
What i gonna do? can someone answer what ram will pair with my buy timings? how setup 2 rams that works on different Mhz?

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