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Journeyman III

5700xt ray tracing?

Quick question. Do you think amd will enable ray tracing on 5700xt cards later on? I dont know if it could even handle it but now it seems like they're going to release new cards that have it baked in and I kind of feel like I got ripped off by buying the 5700xt. Waste of 400 dollars if I'm gonna have to buy a whole new gpu 8 months later for ray tracing. I want ray tracing but will not go to the other team. I'm fairly new to the PC life so I just thought all miss to high end cards had it now so its partially on me. Sorry for the book for just one question. Thanks for the replies. 

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Adept III

Question is if your GPU will have new OpenCl and DXR version enabled with the driver.

Unity and Unreal require Nvidia RTX card for raytracing.

Cryengine already have API agnostic raytracing so 5700 is capable of this. (Neon Noir CRYENGINE Ray Tracing Benchmark. RX 5700 XT vs Radeon VII vs RTX 2080 - YouTube )


No AMD cards will feature any accelerated ray tracing until later this year with RDNA 2 cards, likely to be called the RX 6000 series, because they don't have dedicated ray tracing silicon or programmable ray tracing silicon, so it is not something they can simply "enable". Note the key word "accelerated", because they are capable of ray tracing, but not in any game yet due to the API requiring a GPU with hardware ray tracing, such as nVidia RTX.

But how does then Cryengine utilize realtime raytracing with AMD?


If you read my post, I stated, in bold and italics, the word accelerated. Also, the method used is a mesh based, proprietary ray tracing method which will only be used in Cryengine games. It is not an open feature of Vulkan or DirectX so you won't see it in the Unreal Engine or anything else, including all the existing games utilizing ray tracing. Also, the lack of hardware accelerated silicon is reflected in the performance graphics WCCFTech put together back in November when they reviewed the Cryengine Neo Noir which shows the less powerful and much less expensive RTX 2060 exceeding the performance of the RX 5700XT, as the 2060 has dedicated ray tracing silicon.

I also highly doubt that anyone would call sub 60FPS 99th percentile acceptable at 1920x1080 on a card costing over $400.


I do not think the RTX GPUs use the RTX cores on the Neon Noir Demo.

This article claims that:
Crytek's Neon Noir demo: ray tracing without RTX analysed • 
Maybe they are wrong?

Perhaps AMD need to work with Crytek on their RayTracing solution in DX11.
Perhaps the DX11 code for that demo is not written in an AMD friendly manner and maybe heavily loads 1 thread?
Perhaps Nvidia Driver software scheduler is doing a good job to split the Neon Noir workload over multiple threads?

Best way to find out is to ask Crytek directly I guess ...


RE: Perhaps the DX11 code for that demo is not written in an AMD friendly manner and maybe heavily loads 1 thread?
       Perhaps Nvidia Driver software scheduler is doing a good job to split the Neon Noir workload over multiple threads?

I can run the demo on a Ryzen 2700X 8core 16 thread on AMD versus Nvidia GPU and plot CPU Thread utilization using MSI Afterburner to take a look at CPU load distrib ution for both cards.

I guess that may be a useful data point?

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Microsoft Unveils DirectX 12 Ultimate, Its Next-Generation API 

GPUs labeled as supporting DirectX 12 Ultimate will offer the following capabilities:

DirectX Raytracing
Variable Rate Shading
Mesh Shaders
Sampler Feedback

Journeyman III

Being honest I'm not really sure the 5700 xt can handle ray tracing. You shouldn't feel like you got ripped off because keep in mind when you bought the 5700 xt it was and still is a great card, having the capability to trade blows with the 2070 Super and even sometimes the 2080 Super. The reason why you feel like you got ripped off is because these next gen cards really are just such a jump in capability. Remember for a while when the PS5 and Xbox Series X were announced and they were said to be as powerful and even more powerful as the 2080 Super? Gamers lost their minds. A console that had premium PC specs. Now we find out the most bare bone next gen card is more powerful than the 2080 Super. That is a huge jump in power and capability. That's why the next gen cards are going to have ray tracing just baked in, because they are just very capable. The RX 5700 xt is a great card still but it is unlikely to get ray tracing support.