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New AMD Semi-Custom SOC Combines the Power of AMD Ryzen CPU and AMD Vega GPU for Gamers in China

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*UPDATE 8/3/18 to clarify it is the GDDR5 memory controller that is on the chip.

As the #1 supplier of high-end processors and graphics to the gaming market, we are focused on how we can deliver products that power the ultimate gaming experiences. Today, we are excited to detail how we are bringing Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics to even more gamers through our work with Zhongshan Subor to create a new gaming PC and upcoming console for the China market. The PC and console are powered by a semi-custom “Zen” and “Vega”-based AMD SOC. The high-performance AMD chip combines an AMD Ryzen™ CPU (4 core/8 thread running at 3Ghz) with AMD Radeon™ Vega Graphics (24CUs running at 1.3Ghzs), and 256-bit GDDR5 interface onto a single chip and 8GB of GDDR5 on the motherboard.

The new gaming SOC is the latest example of how only AMD can combine high-performance CPU and GPU technologies to give gamers the most immersive experiences possible. Whether it is our Radeon FreeSync technology, which is the industry’s broadest adopted technology for tear-free, smooth and open gameplay or our feature-packed Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition software, AMD puts gamers at the heart of our technology development. We are also committed  to working across the developer community and with leading publishers such as Ubisoft to drive adoption of next-generation technologies like Rapid Packed Math that can deliver more realistic and immersive experiences. Not to mention our work as we equip the world’s most competitive eSports teams like Fnatic with powerful AMD Ryzen and AMD Vega gaming processors. 

The new gaming PC was demonstrated in the Subor booth at ChinaJoy, the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition in China and Asia. Subor plans to launch their new game PC in late-August. The SUBOR gaming console, featuring the same hardware as the gaming PC but with a customized operating system, is expected to launch by the end of 2018. 

Designing a semi-custom gaming SOC for Subor represents an exciting opportunity for AMD to make our high-performance technologies even more accessible to gamers in China. The new SOC is also a great example of our semi-custom strategy, where we take our differentiated IP and tailor to meet the specific needs of a customer to create a product only AMD can deliver.

We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries in game graphics and compute performance