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Faster, Easier, Simpler Storage Technology: Enmotus FuzeDrive™ for AMD Ryzen™

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AMD has teamed up with high-end server storage technology company Enmotus to bring advanced, intelligent storage acceleration to AMD Ryzen™ desktop processor owners!

In 2017, AMD disrupted the processor market with Ryzen™ desktop processors, delivering incredible multi-threaded performance to consumers. But in many ways, platforms are just as important as the processors that sit on them. If you want to make a real difference in the way people experience PC performance, you need to continuously push to open other bottlenecks like memory, I/O, and storage. That’s why we provided a free NVMe RAID upgrade to the X399 (Threadripper) platform in October of the same year, enabling some of the most bandwidth ever seen on a consumer desktop platform.

  While it’s great to push the limits of what’s possible for enthusiasts, the average user isn’t going to invest a large amount of money in expensive, high-capacity NVMe drives. So we looked for a way improve storage performance for everyone with a Ryzen desktop processor. We started with a list of goals, like improving storage performance and lowering loading times. Because AMD believes in open hardware standards, it prefers to work with off-the-shelf, non-proprietary NVMe, SSD, and hard disk drives. Finally, it must be convenient for users – any superior storage acceleration solution needs to be easy to set up, and simple to use.

Introducing Enmotus FuzeDrive™ for Ryzen™, exclusively for AMD on Consumer Desktop PCs
To achieve these goals, AMD partnered with Enmotus, a company that develops high-end server-class storage solutions designed to optimize both performance and capacity in the data center. We worked together to tailor Enmotus’ FuzeDrive software for use with AMD Ryzen desktop processors in the consumer desktop PC space, for systems using the AMD A320, B350 and X370 chipsets (Socket AM4* Ryzen™ 7, 5, and 3*) and the X399 chipset (socket sTR4 Ryzen™ Threadripper). That software is available for purchase today from Enmotus today for $19.99.
*Note: Enmotus FuzeDrive™ now supports the AMD A320 chipset

How does Enmotus FuzeDrive™ for AMD Ryzen work?

First, the FuzeDrive software analyzes all of the storage hardware available on your system, from fastest to slowest: from DDR4 RAM, to 3D Xpoint NVMe drives, standard NVMe drives, SSD drives, and mechanical hard disks. During the setup process, it combines these disks into what your system sees as a single, larger disk. Unlike caching schemes, FuzeDrive™ lets you use both the SSD and the HDD capacity together as one large boot drive.  For example, you can now combine a 128GB SSD and 2TB hard drive into a large bootable 2.1TB high performance FuzeDrive™.

Once installed, FuzeDrive™ intelligently and continuously analyzes your system, activating an ongoing process to make it as fast and responsive as possible. For instance, your Windows operating system boot files are moved to the fastest non-volatile storage to accelerate boot times. And as you use your PC from day to day, FuzeDrive™ notices what applications you run and automatically prioritizes the applications and data you use the most, so it’s accessed as quickly as possible from the fastest storage tier available. That means faster boot times, faster application and game load times, and a more responsive system.

FuzeDrive Title.jpg

Enmotus FuzeDrive™ for AMD Ryzen™ Benefits: Performance

First and foremost, FuzeDrive™ srives to deliver faster storage performance with the hardware you have. That means you can spend less time waiting for programs, games, and files to load. FuzeDrive™ also scales that performance benefit with new, faster storage that you might add later. To best illustrate this, let’s consider a few scenarios:

  • Performance option 1: You installed Windows on a relatively slow mechanical hard drive. With FuzeDrive™, if you add an SSD or NVMe drive later, you will enjoy the speed of an SSD when you boot your PC, or load programs and data that you most often employ.
  • Performance Option 2: You installed windows on a fast SSD drive, but are running out of capacity. If you add a large mechanical hard disk, FuzeDrive™ will recognize that the programs you use most should stay resident on the speedy SSD, and move the data that is rarely accessed to the mechanical hard disk. This gives you the best of both worlds: high performance with large capacity.
  • Performance Option 3: For the fastest booting and storage, a large conventional SSD paired with bootable 3D Xpoint NVMe drive for incredible booting speed, application launch, and data access performance.

Of course, these are only three simple scenarios to illustrate the benefits of FuzeDrive. The software is also able to add DDR4 RAM to the drive pool for the fastest possible responsiveness, advanced 3D Xpoint and NVMe SSDs for incredible boot times and speedy transfers, and large mechanical hard disks for giant capacity. The bottom line is, Enmotus FuzeDrive™ for AMD Ryzen™ delivers an incredible combination of storage speed and storage size.

How much faster is Enmotus FuzeDrive™ for AMD Ryzen™?
It depends based on the storage hardware you choose to combine with FuzeDrive, but the performance increase can be colossal when you add an SSD to a PC that uses a mechanical hard drive with Microsoft Windows installed:

FuzeDrive Charts.jpg

Enmotus FuzeDrive™ for AMD Ryzen™ Benefits: Convenience

More performance is always welcome, but what if you're not a PC genius? And what if you don't want to re-install your operating system and all of your programs to enjoy it?
The good news is that FuzeDrive™ was designed to be plug and play for easy setup. Just run the software, point it at the NVMe, SSD, mechanical hard disks (and RAM) you want to merge into a single, optimized drive, and it automatically and intelligently does the rest. It’s really that simple.

Note that this process organically merges your hard drives into a single, larger drive; a single drive letter as seen by your operating system. This means no more nuisance of deciding whether you want to install a program on your SSD or your mechanical hard disk, drive C, or D, or E. Because of this, FuzeDrive™ lets you to easily manage large libraries on one single drive that holds all of your data and applications – not a bunch of different disks to keep track of.

Enmotus FuzeDrive™ for AMD Ryzen™ Benefits: Value

AMD is a firm believer that our users benefit from open hardware standards, so it should be no surprise that FuzeDrive™ works with cost effective, non-proprietary NVMe, SSD, and hard disk hardware. Mix and match different types of storage and manufacturers to your hearts content, and FuzeDrive™ will merge them into a single drive to deliver the best possible performance, regardless.

Enmotus FuzeDrive™ for AMD Ryzen™, Available Now!

There’s no need to wait for faster boot times, shorter load times, more convenience, and incredible value thanks to a storage system upgrade courtesy of Enmotus FuzeDrive™ for AMD Ryzen™. You can purchase Enmotus FuzeDrive™ for AMD Ryzen™ on Enmotus’ website today for $19.99.

RZN-116: Testing by AMD Performance labs as of 12/21/2017 on the following system. PC manufacturers may vary configurations yielding different results. Results may vary based on driver versions used. System Configs:  AMD Ryzen 5 1600X, GA-AX370 AORUS Gaming 5 motherboard, 16GB of dual-channel DDR3-3200,  Graphics driver 23.20.768.0 (17.40), and a Seagate Barracuda 500GB boot drive.  When Enmotus FuzeDrive was enabled,  a Samsung 950 PRO NVMe drive was added to the drive pool. Without Enmotus FuzeDrive for Ryzen, the system took 28.611 seconds to complete a boot to windows via explorer; 21.421 seconds to initialize SMSS; 2.274 seconds to initialize the Windows Logon; 56.04 seconds to launch adobe premiere; 59.27 seconds to launch adobe photoshop; and 85.09 seconds to launch DOOM. With Enmotus FuzeDrive for Ryzen enabled, the system took 10.534 seconds to complete a boot to windows via explorer (28.611/10.534=272%, or 172% faster); 3.926 seconds to initialize SMSS (21.421/3.926=546%, or 446% faster); 1.461 seconds to initialize the Windows Logon (2.274/1.461=156%, or 56% faster); 8.27 seconds to launch adobe premiere (56.04/8.27=678%, or 578% faster); 5.75 seconds to launch adobe photoshop (59.27/5.75=1031%, or 931% faster); and 38.77 seconds to launch DOOM (59.27/38.77=219%, or 119% faster). RZN-116