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Xbox vs. Playstation



It's clear we're all PC gamers/enthusiasts at heart. But I'm sure there are times when we just want to enjoy a nice gaming session in the comfort of your own couch/bed/favorite lounge chair/etc. (Unless you have a living room PC setup, then all I have to say is "luckkyyy".)

So for all my fellow PC + Console gamers out there, I wanted to bring the classic debate to our community: Xbox vs. Playstation.

Where do you stand? Who's earned your loyalty? Or maybe you're a Nintendo kinda gamer? Maybe you have multiple consoles?? Either way, if you had to pick a favorite, which is it?

I've been a multiple console user for many years; especially when I was younger. I had an OG Xbox and an Xbox 360, but I've been with Playstation since the PS1 days. Yup, I've had a PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, and PS5 (even a Playstation Portable once upon a time!) So it's fair to say Sony has kept my interests for years and years, and I'm still a big fan of their consoles and their game catalog. 

Even their controller has become a favorite of mine. I used to think Xbox controllers reigned supreme, but this PS5 controller has quickly become my favorite.

So... what side do you lean?

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I prefer PlayStation and Nintendo to Xbox. The main reason is exclusivity. When it comes to Xbox I know I can play their games on a PC or a handheld while PlayStation and Nintendo force consumers to buy their products to play certain titles. If it wasn't for exclusive titles I honestly don't know which one I would lean towards. 

That's an incredibly fair point. I could say I feel the same a bit - I was big into Xbox when Halo was THE FPS game to play during its release(s).

There are certain games exclusive to PlayStation that certainly keep me loyal, haha.


I only bought Xbox when my kids were small because they liked playing certain games. When they got a little older, I built them PC's and they never looked back. I have a PS5 now, but I only play one game. MLB The Show! and my daughter like to play F! racing on it. Other than that, it never gets used. So, I guess I am a PS5 guy.

Totally get it! I'm like 75% a PC Gamer/user and 25% console. The console is great for a few exclusives and my fiancée loves to watch me play games from time to time. That's where the PS5 shines.


I've always been a PC Gamer - hardly play consoles (except for my Switch since I have kids). However, there was a small period of time that I owned an XBox360 and played games on that.

Honestly, I can't say I prefer one over the other.

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Classic Dad life. 😂

Do you know how hard it is to not DESTROY my kids when it comes to Mario Kart?

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Fun  fact: My PWNED me in COD on PS3. But turnabout is fair play. We 1v1'd in Rogue Company, and I PWNED him with little more than a pistol and a melee.

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If I had to chosen an console for a game it were Playstation. I was grew up with this.


I'm a firmly PCMR. Consoles are just... substandard... to me.

If you look up the Ctrl Alt Del webcomic, he does a periodic series on the "Console Wars." I remember a panel a few years back where they showed the Utopia that is PC Master Race. I couldn't help but chuckle.

Performance over Pretty.
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I own everything! There are to many games to enjoy to not have both. I do prefer my PC but for games like FFXVI it was only for PS at first so I’m not stuck on only having one or the other 😊