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Why Choose AMD GPUs Over NVIDIA for Gaming?

Hey guys,

I'm building my first PC and I've heard a lot about both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. Why should I choose AMD over NVIDIA for gaming? What makes AMD stand out?


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i decided to switch from Nvidia to AMD and i wish i have never done that. i've been stuck with driver issues for MONTHS. AMD might be an option for better prices and more VRAM, but i wish i just got an Nvidia instead

Did you DDU when you made the switch? Most people that have drivers with AMD GPUs haven't made sure everything from the old card is fully WIPED. I've been an AMD/ATI user for 20+ years. NEVER had an issue. 9/10 times it's a PEBKAC.

Performance over Pretty.

i have tried DDU, completely formatting the PC and using AMD's utlity. nothing is working, i still find errors in the window's event log and games like fortnite run horribly. i've been searching for months on a real fix and havent found anything

also, i've tried installing the GPU and the drivers on a completely different PC and its still giving me the same event log errors. its more likely to be a GPU problem at this point, and even if there is a tiny stupid settings to change it would still be AMD's problem, as im not supposed to fix their problems and do their job. im not going to just "play on a 6 months old drivers" like lots of people suggested me to do. the funny things is that i did try those drivers and they didnt work either.

i reinstalled my older Nvidia GPU and its flawless 

Hey guys,

I'm building my first PC and I've heard a lot about both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. Why should I choose AMD over NVIDIA for gaming? What makes AMD stand out?


as someone who has owned GPUs from all 3 makers (nividia, Intel, and AMD) AMD gives you your best bang for the buck. You get for frames per dollar. 

AMD gives you better cost per frame, more vram, and generally a wider bus (than nvidia.) 


nvidia gives a significantly better upscaller in DLSS over RSR, and RT. Let me put it this way about RT… right now the “best” gpu on the market is unquestionably the Nvidia 4090. Enabling RT will bring a 4090 to its knees without turning down settings and using their upscaling technology.

Well… Nvidia is better for content creation as well. 

but for gaming specifically (which is why I built my rig) every single other thing about AMD is going to be “better” for you unless of course you are planning on spending $1500+ for a 4080 super or closer to $2000 for a 4090. 

if its strictly about gaming go AMD. You get significantly more for less. For instance my rx7900xt is “faster” than a 3090 and cost less than half what a 3090 costs. With Nvidia you are paying a premium on the name alone. 

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It depends on what you want to do with your PC. Are you simply a gamer? Or are you also a graphic designer, producer, or video editor, etc., etc.? 


It also depends on the games you like and want to play and your budget. You don't need a $2k GPU to play the Sims 4, but if you're trying to play the latest and greatest, then I can understand going up a tad.


I'm running an AMD Radeon 7900 XT and have had 0 issues. I think it's a great card for the price, but even that can be a bit much for some people. That's where the 7800 XT comes in (or even 7700 XT/7600 XT if you're on a budget).



Journeyman III

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the input!

@Hibiscus - Sorry to hear about the driver issues, that sounds super frustrating.

@Axxemann - Good point about DDU. Clean installs can save a lot of headaches.

@speaker4thedead - Appreciate the detailed breakdown! AMD definitely seems like the better value for pure gaming.

@Wally_AMD - Totally agree. Your use case and budget play a huge role.

For my build, focusing mainly on gaming, I'm leaning towards AMD for the best bang for my buck.

Also, for those of you who have experience with both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, how do they compare in terms of real-world performance and user experience, especially in newer games? Are there specific titles where one brand significantly outperforms the other?

Depends, first of all read this. Case, motherboard, PSU, this is the backbone. You'll need to choose whether you wish to game on a 1080p, 1440p or a 2160p monitor. 24', 27', 32'. IPS or OLED. There's also VA.

What's your budget? For as little as 800 dollars (or less) you can rock practically every game on ultra above 60fps without upscaler for 1080p, 1150 dollars for 1440p and 1500 dollars for 2160p. Both of these as a minimum. I would say 1500 dollars maximum for 1440p and 2000 for 2160p. Raytracing, yes or no? Check the chart comparison tables for the ones which perform the best at any given resolution.

In regards to your questions, some games are AMD optimized, others are NVIDIA. It's also known that vulkan runs better on AMD cards while DX12 runs better on Nvidia though the opposite has been observed. True generational leaps are defined by watt to performance ratio. AMD was the first to make the jump with RDNA 2 (60xx), then NVIDIA with the lovelace series, also known as 40xx. AMD will make the next jump with RDNA 5.

Tell you what, check this website and analyze each section. It's sorted by relevance by default. Us Portuguese are pretty smart consumers, so just by observing the trends for each section, you'll be getting a pretty good notion of what's current. Of course, this might differ in your country or wherever you plan to buy the stuff, because ultimately the prices will dictate the trends.