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Adept I

RReady Rendition Verité Wrapper

I don't know whether legacy PC emulation belong in this forum, but here goes:

I'm working on a wrapper for the Rendition Verité V2200 (an old video card from the 90s). The Windows side of it is almost done and can run all 13 games though a few need DxWnd or dgVood's DirectDraw component. The DOS part is still being looked at.

I haven't had much too much feedback, especially from AMD GPU users:

Formula 1 '97

Grand Prix Legends '96: 

SODA Offroad '96: 

Monster Truck Madness 2: 

vQuake 2 (Quake 2) 

Sub Culture 

vHexen II (Hexen II) 


Die by the Sword 

Mech Warrior 2 

Interstate '76 (Needs DxWnd 

Interstate '76 Nitro (Needs DxWnd) 

Heavy Gear 

The last stable version of the wrapper can be found here:

November 22, 2023 (Fully tested watermarked store builld):!As-dKk-N73dSlwUMo-Zu9Ad0nTvO
MD5: 787425d7a2838f199783f74303be1780

20 November 2023

- Ability to restrict VRAM by setting MaxVRAM=<nn>(Megabytes). The Golems in VH2.exe correctly change colour when VRAM is restricted to between 4-14 MB. Restricting VRAM will severely affect performance and is not recommended. It is also unsupported in other apps.
- RRosetta's renderer switching (using F1-F3) work correctly but for F3 (Direct3D) to work dgVoodo's directdraw/direct3d files need to be copied to the same folder as RRosetta.exe. OpenGL to RRedline switch to work.
- Screenshot capability in games such as WinDie.exe (save game image) or games which have a console command 'screenshot' should work (except VH2.exe. This application appear to do a copy to clipboard and does not currently work.). Screenshot is correctly downsampled now.
- End credits background textures in F1red.exe should work.
- Bilinear filtering (using shaders) is enforced for paletted textures.
- Memory safety checks removed. Should be as fast as before.

(This release is live on the Windows store as well without the watermark though it costs money)

The official thread can be found here:

I'd be really happy for feedback and sorry if this forum isn't the right place for it.


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Adept I

RReady 26 November 2023!As-dKk-N73dSlwkMo-Zu9Ad0nTvO
MD5: 62d506951ec1d9f2adc50d829d422b32

- Auto-downloader now downloads modified ref_v1k which support native fullscreen on modern Windows. Existing users will need to delete the existing ref_v1k, remove Quake 2 from the apps list and add it back in. Alternatively directly downloading the file from the link and manually patching it will be required. Force fullscreen and will no longer be required in rendition.cfg along with 'set vid_fullscreen "0 'in baseq2/config.cfg. The change in ref_v1k is only 1 byte.

Adept I

Sorry for the spam. This should be the last update for a while (barring showstoppers).

RReady 01 December 2023

MD5: 3f280c6df107d21dbbec54891bbfe0d4
RLauncher fixes:
- All vQuake 2 and vHexen II binary hacks in their own section along with warning about not being thoroughly tested each release).
- Corrects vQuake 2 unlocked resolutions (1280x1024 is selectable for underwater resolutions. 1152x864 is the highest full screen resolution.) For vQuake 2 unlocked resolutions, the underwater resolution should be higher than the game's internal full screen resolution. For vHexen II it should be at or below the game resolution. Rendering issues may otherwise arise.
- Adds vHexen II 72/144 max fps limit  and 11/22 kHz audio selection
- Existing  Redline.dll and verite.dll rebuilt with latest compiler update. Hopefully nothing should break.
Journeyman III

It's great to see that you've made significant progress on the Windows side and are now working on the DOS part!As-dKk-N73dSlwwMo-Zu9Ad0nTvO . I'm sure there are many AMD GPU users who would be interested in trying out your wrapper once it's complete.


While Rendition may not have the same level of mainstream recognition as some other chipmakers, there's a dedicated community of enthusiasts. I believe there are still many AMD GPU users who would be interested in exploring the possibilities of Rendition graphics, especially with the accessibility improvements offered by your wrapper. The opportunity to experience those classic visuals on modern systems is certainly appealing to a niche audience, and the success of projects like DOSBox and MAME demonstrate the enduring fascination with retro gaming hardware.

Adept I

Thanks @mickyat2001.

There aren't too many fans of Rendition out there, so I seriously doubt it!

Adept I

One more SIM video:

Adept I

Sharanga Dayananda

Sharanga Dayananda - 2024-01-12
RReady test build January 10 2024

Preliminary support for vQuake 2/vHexen II in-memory patching. This should leave the original binaries unpatched. For Quake 2 you will still need a copy of ref_v1k
that supports native fullscreen modes. The fullscreen toggle happens before RReady loads and it has no control over the parent EXE at that point.

The only change in this binary is the patching, but that doesn't mean that nothing's broken.!As-dKk-N73dSlxgMo-Zu9Ad0nTvO
MD5: 51d976481231f74edc3cd29dbf699fbf