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Journeyman III

NEED HELP: CT8G4DFS8266 SPD (jedec) Speed vs XMP

I've bought a Dell 5676 Inspiron Gaming Desktop with an AMD 2700x CPU and promontory x370 motherboard recently.

I'm looking to upgrade the ram and it states supported speed is 2400, however, the motherboard supports speeds of 2666 and I've heard people confirm reaching these speeds for this PC on forums. This appears to only be the case for spd set speeds of 2666 as XMP apparently can't be enabled using dell BIOS.

The ram in question is a Crucial 8GB (1x 8GB) DDR4 2666MHz - Model Number: CT8G4DFS8266

My questions were: - Does this ram have a speed of 2666 SPD? Or is this XMP advertised speed. - If it is XMP advertised speed, what is the SPD speed?

Thank you in advance.