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Adept I

AMD uProf for golang on Windows10

I want to reopen this issue (now in a right subforum). I still have a problem with profiling golang application on windows 10 with manually generated .pdb files. Below steps worked for a few profile sessions and i dont know why (seems like something specific mustve happen), because after app rebuild (and .pdb regenerate) that never worked again:


I got it working. Firstly i built application with exported, uncompressed dwarf symbols:

go build -gcflags="all=-N -l -E" -ldflags="-compressdwarf=false" -o main.exe

Next step was to convert dwarf symbol to .pdb with cv2pdb tool as it was quite important that i run profiler on Windows.

It wasnt working even despite i specified folder where profiler should search for that .pdb file (the Add Symbol File Location(s) field). I copied .pdb file manually to the folder under Symbols Download Path field at it magically started to work.


CheatEngine didnt had problem to resolve debug symbols generated that way, so i think this problem may be specific to AMDuProf. Additionaly this: topic seems very related to mine. What else can you suggest to me to try?

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Hi @patrulek 

AMD uProf support for PDB file (generated using cv2pdb tool) is not yet added. We will plan to add this support in the future release.

Adept I

I dug into this topic one more time with newest Golang compiler and newest AMDuProf. New release still doesn't work with .pdb's generated by `cv2pdb` on Golang application by default, but i probably found a correct workaround this time. Go application is built with `DEBUG_STRIPPED` flag. When i remove this flag manually, AMDuProf is showing valid symbols. Unfortunately i didnt found out why this flag is set and how to prevent it to be set during build, but its out of scope of this thread.




Hi @patrulek ,

Thank you for sharing the details here. We are yet to add golang support. We will consider this information when we add the support.