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VRAM not clocking down on 7900XT + no 165Hz selection available

Hi, is there anything I can do to not have my 7900XT draw 100W in Idle mode just because I have 2 Monitors? And even with only 1 1 Monitor attached it's consuming 50W in Idle - this can't be normal.

My Monitor is capable of running at 165Hz, which worked flawlessly with RTX 3070 but on AMD I can't set it higher than 144Hz. Is this a known limitation of the driver?


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Volunteer Moderator

First thing I would do is try a different cable, display port or HDMI. High idle power draw has been a thing for a while. I'm not sure how to fix that. The refresh rate issue could be caused by the cable. Some monitors, like the MSI display I had, only support 165hz over Display Port and 144hz over HDMI. 

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Thanks for the post. This is a known issue (not being able to achieve maximum refresh rate) on certain displays. Please use the following discussion to track future status updates and to provide your feedback. Re: 7900 XTX - Only showing 144hz not 170hz - AMD Community