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Journeyman III

Ubuntu 22.04 "rocr,legacy" the VII board is working but not any of the S9150

clinfo shows platforms for the VII but not any of the other gfx9 boards (s9150, s9100)

sudo lshw -c video shows the s91xx are all identified as Hawaii XT GL [FirePro W9100 / w8100] instead of s9150 and s9100

The VII board is in the only Gen3 slot.  The others slots are all Gen2 and I assume lack atomics.

According to some ROCm doc I cannot find at the moment quote:


GFX9 GPUs (such as Vega 10) no longer require PCIe atomics


Windows 10 works fine on this system, the VII and all the S9xx boards work just fine.  I am booting Ubuntu 22.04 with 5.13 kernel into UEFI bios with CSM disabled.  is there support for s9150 in 22.04?   Is this something that will be fixed later or do I need to use 20.04 or a different kernel?

Thank you for looking 


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