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Adept I

StoreMI TierDrive (InTier) on HDD is not deleted. Never!

When I enter the StoreMI application, the Status section next to the HDD says InTier! No matter what I do, this InTier warning doesn't improve! I am using the latest version of StoreMI and there is no "Tier remove" section! Anyway, I used "Diskpart Clean" to delete it, but it didn't work! I made Low Level Format on the disk, but that didn't work! Nothing is working! 

2 Replies
Adept I

Okay, problem solved. Thanks to enmotus.

Those who experience the same problem can solve this problem as follows;
1- Run Power Shell or Command Prompt as an administrator.

2. Type the following code directly on the line and press Enter:

ecmd --delete_all

3- Confirm the question by pressing "y".

4- Restart your computer.

Adept II

Exactly right, denizari, but it's important to point out that "ecmd --delete_all" will destroy a working tier and everything on it, so be careful with that command.